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Poozhithode Small Hydro Electric Project

Capacity : 4.8 MW

Poozhithode HSEP is constructed as a run-off river scheme in the river Kadantharapuzha in Kuttiyadi basin. The project area is located in Maruthonkara Gramapanchayath and Maruthonkara Village, Vadakara Thaluk in Kozhikode District. The project was commissioned on 19/02/2011. The Distance from Kozhikode to Project site is 58 Km and nearest Railway Station Vadakara is 37 Km away from the project.
Poozhithode SHEP has an installed capacity of 4.8MW and the project utilizes the water of the Kadantharapuzha which is a tributary of Kuttiyadi River. The available head is 73 m, hence Francis Turbines are implemented. The total Project cost was 30 crores. The power evacuation of this power house has been achived by constructing 13.7Km of 33KV transmission line fro, Poozhithode to 110 KV Kuttiyadi Substation where it will become the part of 11KV grid through 33KV/110KV, 16MVA transformer.

Salient Features:

Location with district : Ekkal, Pashukkadavu. P. O, Kuttiyady, Kozhikode Dt
Category : Hydro Power Project
Capacity :  3.6 MW
River : Kadantharapuzha
Dam :  Diversion Weir
Annual Energy Potential :  10.97 MU
Reservoir : Run-Off-River
Catchment Area : A free Catchment area of 26 Sq. Km in Banasuran Hills
Gross Storage : …. MCM
Generation per MCM : …….. MU
Design Head : 72 Mts.
Full Reservoir level (FRL) : …… Ft. (……… M)
Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL) : ……… Ft.
Design Disch. through Machine : 8.627 M3 /Sec

Date of Commissioning:

Unit – 1 : 20/06/2011
Unit – 2 : 20/06/2011
Unit – 3 : 19/06/2011



a) Type : Francis
b) Make : Flovel Mecamidi Pvt. Ltd
c) Design Net Head : 72 Mts.
d) Rated Output :  1.6 MW
e) Output Max./ Min : …… MW/……. MW
f) Normal Speed : 750 RPM
g) Runway speed :760 RPM
h) Disc. Through Machine : 2.875M3/Sec


a) Type : Horizontal
b) Make : TD Power Systems
c) Rated Voltage : 3300 V
d) Rated Out put : 1778 KVA
f) Speed : 750 RPM
g) Power Factor :


a) Type : Out Door
b) Make : ECE Industries Ltd. Sonepat
c) Rated Voltage : 3300V/33000 V
d) Rated Out put : 6000 KVA

4. Power Evacuation

a) Feeder Name  with voltage level - 33 KV Poozhithode Feeder


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