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Peppara Small Hydro Electric Project

Capacity : 3 MW

Peppara Small Hydro Electric Project (3 MW)

Peppara Small Hydro Electric Project is situated at Peppara in Trivandrum District  in the bank of Karamana river.The power plant was inagurated by Honourable Chief Minister of Kerala Sri.E.K. Nayanar on 15-06-1996. Power house site is 47km from Trivandrum. The project has installed capacity of 3 MW. Peppara hydroelectric power plant is running with 1 number of generation units of 3 MW. The reservoir for the project is formed by Peppara Dam, across Karamana river, owned, controlled and operated by Kerala Water Authority for the purpose of Drinking water supply. Tail race discharge, after power generation from the power station is released to the Karamana River and collected at Aruvikkara Dam for domestic water supply to Thiruvananthapuram city .The Power generated in the station is at 11 kV, 50 Hz and is directly connected to the 11 kV dedicated feeder to 33 kV Vithura Substation

Salient Features

Location: Peppara, Thiruvananthapuram

Category: Hydro Power Project

Capacity: 3 MW

River :Karamana

Dam: Peppara Dam

Annual Energy Potential :11.5 MU

Generation per MCM: 19.55 MU

Design Discharge through Machine: 18 m3/s

Design Head: 21 m

Design PLF (%) : 43.33


Catchment Area                                   86 sqkm (33.20 sq mile)

Gross Storage                                      70 MCM                                         

Full Reservoir Level (FRL)                      362.53 ft (110.5 m)

Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL)              269.85ft (82.25 m)

Date of commissioning

Unit                             Rating                          Date of commissioning 

Unit                           3 MW                                   15.06.1996



a) Type: S-Type-Kaplan Horizontal (17.5 KR 52)

b) Make: M/s. KosslerGES.m.b.H

c) Design Net Head: 21 m

d) Rated output: 3 MW

e) Normal Speed: 375 rpm

f) Runaway Speed: 1100 rpm

g) Discharge through Machine: 16.3 m3/s


Features                                  Unit                              

a) Type                                     Rotating Salient Pole Type, Brushless

b) Make                                    M/s. JYOTHI Ltd

C) Rated Voltage (V):                 11000

d) Rated Output (kVA):               3530

e) Speed (rpm)                           750

f) Power factor:                          0.85

3. Power Evacuation

1. 11 kV Peppara feeder

2. 11 kV Theviyode feeder


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