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Chembukadavu - II Small Hydro Electric Project

Capacity 3x1.25 MW

Brief History :

Chembukadave 2 SHEP having installed capacity of 3.75MW(1.25MWx3) is operated and controlled by Kerala state Electricity Board Ltd. Chembukadave SHEP 2 is located at Chalipuzha, Kodenchry village, Thamarassery Taluk, Kozhikode District. Chembukadave 2 diverts the tail race water of stage1 trough a concrete lined contour channel on the right bank to a forebay situated on top of the hill.From there water is taken through a single penstock ,which is branched into three ,to feed three machines of 1250Kw  each  in the powerhouse.The tail race water will be let into the parent river itself.

Salient Features:

Location with district :Kozhikode
Category : Hydro Power Project
Capacity :3.75MW
River :Chalipuzha
Dam :Chalipuzha,Diversion structure-overflow weir
Annual Energy Potential :9.03MU
Gross Storage :NA
Generation per MCM :9.03 MU
Design Head :58.55 Mts.
Full Reservoir level (FRL) :NA(Run off  river project)
Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL) :NA(Run off  river project)
Design Disch. through Machine :2.7. m3/sec

Date of Commissioning:

Unit – 1 :20.08.2003
Unit – 2 :20.08.2003
Unit – 3 :20.08.2003



a) Type :Francis Horizondel,Reaction
b) Make :Kumming Electric Machinary Co.Ltd,China
c) Design Net Head :55Mts.
d) Rated Output :1.25MW
e) Output Max. :1.25 MW
f) Normal Speed :750 RPM
g) Runway speed :1375 RPM
h) Disc. Through Machine :2.7m3/sec


a) Type :Synchronous
b) Make : Kumming Electric Machinary Co.Ltd,China
c) Rated Voltage :6300V
d) Rated Out put :1562.5KVA
f) Speed :750 RPM
g) Power Factor :0.8


a) Type :Y
b) Make :Zhejiang Zanbian group of Co Ltd China
c) Rated Voltage : 6300/3300 V
d) Rated Out put : 5000KVA

4. Power Evacuation

a) 33KV chembukadave –Thambalamanna Feeder


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