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Porigalkuthu Left Bank Project

Capacity - PLB 4x9 MW


Poringalkuthu Hydro Electric Project – Poringalkuthu Left Bank Power House (4x9MW Capacity) is one of the older generating stations in the state of Kerala. The project was commissioned as the 3rd Hydro Electric Project by KSEBL and has ISO 9001:2015 certification. The station is operated as a base load or peak load station depending on the monsoon seasons. The annual generation target is 160 MU.
The project is situated inside the Sholayar Reserve Forest and an isolated area, 42kms from Chalakudy Township, aside Chalakudy – Malakkarapa State Highway 21 and located in the Chalakudy River Basin, Pariyaram Revenue Village in the Chalakudy Taluk (Thrissur district).  The project meets the irrigation and drinking water requirement of Thrissur and Ernakulam district. The tourist destination, Athirappilly, Vazhachal water falls are coming in the downstream of Poringalkuthu Hydro Electric Project. The location MSL is +255m and the GPS co-ordinate is 10.312298, 76.62391
The project utilizes water from Poringalkuthu Dam, a straight gravity type rubble masonry structure having total catchment area of 1012.69 square km. The reservoir has the gross storage of 30.3 MCM, Full Reservoir Level (FRL) is 424m and Minimum Drawn Down Level (MDDL) is 405.8m.
The water conducting system consists of intake gate with trash guards, 126.7m low pressure tunnel, cylindrical shaped surge tank, 2x41.4m low pressure pipe lines, valve house chamber with butterfly type valves and 4x780m penstock.
The power house has Francis vertical Turbine with rated head of 170 meters, coupled with 4 Nos x 9MW - 11kV Synchronous Generators. The power generated is stepped up to 110kV voltage level with 4x12.5MVA Generating Transformers and the power is evacuated through Poringalkuthu - Chalakudy, Poringalkuthu -Malayattur and Poringalkuthu – Sholayar 110kV feeders.

Brief History

Poringalkuthu Hydro Electric Project has three power projects viz Poringalkuthu Left Bank Project  (PLB) – 4x9MW, Poringalkuthu Left Bank Extension Project (PLBE) – 1x16MW, Poringalkuthu Left Bank Additional Extension Project (PLBAE) – 1x24MW. The three power project utilises the water the Poringalkuthu Dam
PLB is the 3rd power project commissioned in the state of Kerala in the year 1957. The foundation stone of project was laid by His Highness Maharaja of Cochin in the year 1946 and completed at a project cost of Rs. 399 lakhs.  The 4x8MW project was originally constructed and commissioned successfully by M/s. English Electric Company, UK and dedicated to the nation by Dr. B. Ramakrishna Rao, Hon'ble Governor of Kerala on 15-05-1957. The tail race water from the powerhouse forms Chalakudy River, which is the main water source for downstream irrigation and drinking needs.

The Generator- Turbine Units # 1 to 4 of PLB Plant were renovated and capacity uprated to 4x9MW during 2013-15 by M/s. Hunan Allonward - SSIPL Consortium. The unit #1 to 4 were re-commissioned on 17-04-2014, 12-08-2014, 08-02-2015 and 26-05-2015 respectively.
The project has renewable energy plant – Roof top Solar Generation of capacity 50MW commissioned 10-09-2015.

Salient Features:

Location with district:  Poringalkuthu Left Bank Hydro Electric Project (4x9MW) Poringalkuthu P.O. Pin – 680 721, Chalakudy, Thrissur District (Kerala)
Category :  Hydro Power Project
Capacity :  36 MW
River : Chalakudy
Dam : Poringalkuthu
Annual Energy Potential :160MU


Catchment Area : 1012.69 Sq. K.M (391. Sq. Miles)
Gross Storage :30.3MCM
Generation per MCM : 0.3759 MU
Design Head : 170 Mts.
Full Reservoir level (FRL) : 1391Ft. (424m)
Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL):1331 Ft. (405.8m)
Design Discharge through Machine :5.983 cum/sec

Date of Commissioning:

Unit – 1 :15-05-1957
Unit – 2 :15-05-1957
Unit – 3 :15-05-1957
Unit – 4 :15-05-1957

Date of Renovation:

Unit – 1 :17/04/2014
Unit – 2 :12/08/2014
Unit – 3 :08/02/2015
Unit – 4 :26/08/2015



a) Type: Vertical Francis
b) Make: M/s. Hunan Allonward - SSIPL Consortium, India (RMU Project - 2014)
c) Design Net Head: 170m
d) Rated Output: 9.280MW
e) Output Max. / Min : 10.207 MW/6MW
f) Normal Speed: 600 RPM
g) Runway Speed: 1030 RPM
h) Disc. Through Machine: 5.983 cum per sec


a) Type: Synchronous Generator - SF 9000-10/3000
b) Make: M/s. Hunan Allonward - SSIPL Consortium, India (RMU Project - 2014)
c) Rated Voltage: 11000 volts  
d) Rated Output: 10000 kVA
f) Speed :600 RPM
g) Power Factor: 0.9 lagging

3. Generator Transformers

a) Type: Outdoor, Oil Filled & Fan Cooled  - ONAF
b) Make: TELK
c) Rated Voltage: 110000/11000 Volts
d) Rated Output: 12500 kVA

4. Power Evacuation

a) 110kV Poringalkuthu Chalakudy feeder – 1POCH1
b) 110kV Poringalkuthu Chalakudy feeder – 1POCH2
c) 110KV Poringalkuthu Malayattor feeder  - 1POMA
d) 110KV Poringalkuthu Sholayar feeder – 1POSH


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