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Upper Kallar Small Hydro Electric Plant

Capacity - 2x1 MW

The Upper Kallar Power station was commissioned on 30.09.2021 with installed capacity 2x1 MW. The turbine is Francis type and net head 51m. The power house situated in Idukki district nearby Munnar on Pallivasal Panchayath. The main source of water for Upper Kallar SHEP from Kallar River. The river basin Periyar.

The history of Upper Kallar SHEP: Viripara weir on the reservoir of upper kallar SHEP, the diversion weir at Viripara was constructed in 1964 to augment the power generation of Nerimangalam HEP.  The diversion weir having a total length of 132 M including 87m overflow portion and open channel of 35m length leads to water to diversion tunnel and weir catchment area in 28.50sqm. To harness the additional available water, weir was further raised by one meter. The present top level of the weir crown level of tunnel intake is same and it is +1141.59 m. The length of the tunnel is 556m and level at inlet and exit of tunnel are 1139.19 m and 1136.0 m respectively.  The capacity of pool formed by weir at overflow level is 3200 m3 approximately. Diameter of this D shaped tunnel is 1.6m and height is 2.4m. The existing screw gate at Viripara weir site is used for regulating in the inflow from Viripara weir to the diversion tunnel and water flow through a branch tunnel to the powerhouse with a length of 48 m 2.5m width and D shaped. The forebay has a dimension of 20mx13.84m with rectangular shape and the penstock has a dimension of 168.58m length 1.2m dia.

Salient Features:

Location with district: Kainagiri, Idukki

Category: Hydro Power Project

Capacity: 2 MW

River: Kallar

Dam: Viripara weir

Annual Energy Potential:   5.14 MU


Catchment Area :28.50 Sq. .M (11.001 Sq. Miles)

Design Head: 51 Mts.

Date of Commissioning:

Unit – 1 : 30.09.2021

Unit – 2 : 30.09.2021

Date of Renovation:




a) Type: Horizontal Francis Turbine

b) Make : Pentaflo  Hydro Pvt Lmt

c) Design Net Head :51Mts.

d) Rated Output:   1.045   MW 

e) Output Max./ Min: 1.150 MW

f) Normal Speed: 750 RPM

g) Runway speed: 135 RPM

h) Disc. Through Machine :2.30 M3/s


a) Type: Synchronous Machine

b) Make: WEG Industries Pvt Lmt

c) Rated Voltage :3300 V

d) Rated Output: 111 KVA

f) Speed: 750 RPM

g) Power Factor: 0.9

3. GENERATOR Transformers

a) Type: Cooling ONAN

b) Make: PROLEC

c) Rated Voltage: HV 11000, LV 3300 V

d) Rated Output: 3000.KVA

4. Power evacuation

a) Feeder Name with voltage level -11 KV Kallar feeder


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