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Service Connection for Domestic Purpose

Documents required

The documents required to be accompanied with the application form for new connection shall be limited to two (viz. (i) proof of identity of the applicant and (ii) proof of ownership/ legal occupancy of the applicant over the premises for which new connection is being sought for Domestic Purpose.

1. Proof of Identity

Any one of the following documents can be accepted as Proof of Identity (Photo Identity Card)

  1. Electoral Identity Card;
  2. Passport;
  3. Driving License;
  4. Ration Card; vii)AADHAR Card / National Population Register (NPR) Card;
  5. Photo Identity Card issued by any Government Department / Agency / PSU;
  6. PAN Card;
  7. Photo Identify Certificate from Village Panchayat or Municipality or Municipal Corporation.

2. Proof of ownership / legal occupancy
Any one of the following documents can be accepted as proof of ownership / legal occupancy
i) Ownership certificate of the building issued by Municipal Corporation or Municipality or Panchayat or Township;
ii) Ownership / Possession certificate of the land issued by competent revenue authority;
iii) Copy of title deed duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/ KSEB Ltd officer;
iv) Copy of the Land Tax payment receipt issued by Revenue authorities issued within 1 year (authenticity of the copy may be verified with the original)
v) Valid Rent / Lessor-Lessee Agreement along with any of the documents (listed i to iv above) proving ownership of the Lessor (applicable in case of service connection application made by the tenant / lessee)
vi) Occupancy certificate from Municipal Corporation / Municipality / Panchayat.

Any one of the following documents (issued in the address mentioned in the application) can also be accepted as “proof of ownership” in place of the documents mentioned for ownership proof above
i. Residential Certificate issued by local body/Electoral identity card / Indian passport / AADHAR card / National Population Register (NPR) card / Ration card/ Photo identity card issued by any Government agency, most recent water or telephone or gas connection bill issued by Government company or agency / NREGP (Desiya Grameena Thozhilurappu Padhathi) card

ii. Approved plan / building permit issued by local body

iii. Temporary Residential Certificate issued by local body for residential buildings having plinth area not exceeding 1500 sq.ft.

It is clarified that any one document mentioned above is sufficient for ownership proof. However an applicant who is not an owner but an occupier of the premises, shall furnish a no objection certificate from the owner of the premises along with any one of the documents listed above

Note: Service connections to residential structures of plinth area not more than 100 sq.m (1076 sq.ft) shall be released without insisting proof of ownership / legal occupancy on the basis of an undertaking from the applicant in plain paper that:

  1. The total plinth area of the building is not more than 100 sq.m.
  2. The building is / will be used exclusively for domestic purposes.
  3. The grant of electric connection will not be considered as proof of legality or ownership or possession of the structure.
  4. The connection is liable to be disconnected either temporarily or permanently, if any statutory authority requests the officer of the Licensee to do so in writing


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