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Peechi Small Hydro Electric Project

Capacity - ( 1 x 1.25 MW)


Peechi Small Hydro Electric Project is a dam toe project located in Panancherry village of Thrissur Taluk in Thrissur district in Kerala State. This project is constructed as a dam toe of Peechi Irrigation Project. Project was implemented for generating electricity from the regulated water flowing through the right bank main canal for irrigation purpose during November to April and also generating electricity during spill of the dam. During summer months when the demand and cost electricity becomes high, generation at Peechi power house is possible.

The power house is located in the garden attached to the Peechi dam, which is 25 km from Thrissur town and 7.5 km from pattikkad on NH 566 in the Thrissur- Coimbatore stretch. The dam river basin and tributary are karuvannur river and manali river. Also there are two canals on right and left for irrigation water release. The project was commenced on 06/05/2010 and officially commissioned by Hon’ble minister of power on 07/01/2013. The power house consists of 1 no 1.25 MW horizondal full Kaplan turbine coupled with kirlosker make generator having annual target of 3.21 million units. The generated power evacuated to 33kv substation pattikkad through 11 kv KWA and peechi feeder.

Salient Features:
Location with district : Peechi dam toe, Thrissur
Category : Hydro Power Project
Capacity : 1.25 MW
River : Manali
Dam : Peechi dam
Annual Energy Potential : 3.21 MU

Reservoir :

Catchment Area : 12.95 Sq. K.M (5.00 Sq. Miles)
Gross Storage : 112.607 MCM
Generation per MCM : 3.21 MU
Design Head : 22.75 Mts.
Full Reservoir level (FRL) : 260.00 Ft. (79.25 M)
Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL) : 225.72 Ft. (68.8 M)
Design Disch. through Machine : 6.31 M 3

Date of Commissioning:
Unit – 1 : 07-01-2013

Date of Rennovation:
Unit – 1 : nil

a) Type : Horizontal full kaplan
b) Make : B Fouress Pvt ltd (BFL)
c) Design Net Head : 22.75 Mts.
d) Rated Output : 1.25 MW + 10% COL
e) Output Max./ Min : 1.37 MW/ 0.6 MW
f) Normal Speed : 600 RPM
g) Runway speed : 1750 RPM
h) Disc. Through Machine : 6.31 M3
a) Type : Horizontal AC generator
b) Make : Kirloskar Electric Company ltd

c) Rated Voltage : 3300 V
d) Rated Out put : 1388.88 KVA+10% COL
f) Speed : 600 RPM
g) Power Factor : 0.9
3. GENERATOR Transformers
a) Type : Power transformer 3.3/11 kv, Ynd11,ONAN
b) Make : Pan Electro Technic pvt ltd
c) Rated Voltage :3300/110000 V
d) Rated Out put : 1600 KVA
4. Power evacuation
a) 11 kv KWA feeder
b) 11 kv Peechi feeder



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