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To change ownership of electricity connection

Documents required to change ownership of electricity connection

1. Applicant's photo ID card.

2. Document to prove ownership.

3. For change of ownership (including security deposit), written consent from the previous owner on white paper.

If the consent is not obtained, the new owner can pay the security deposit afresh. The then existing security deposit shall be returned by the Board with notice of transfer of ownership to the old owner.

Alternatively, an undertaking may be written in a white paper, exempting KSEB from all pains, losses and litigations related to the transfer of ownership and if the old owner claims the security deposit deposited by him, the security deposit at the time of transfer of ownership will be refunded with interest.


For transfer of ownership on the death of a registered customer, a will or succession certificate, along with the death certificate, is sufficient.

For change of ownership, location inspection is not required.

Note:- Along with change of ownership, in case of difference in connected load or contract demand, application for change of connected load / contract demand should also be submitted separately.


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