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R.A Head works, the existing dam of Pallivasal Hydro Electric Scheme often spills during monsoon due to low storage capacity of reservoir. Due to the limitation in the carrying capacity of existing water conductor system, there is no scope for further up gradation of existing scheme, hence for the effective utilization of the available yield for power generation, the Pallivasal Extension Scheme (2X30MW) is proposed.

 The proposed extension scheme envisages the diversion of water from R.A Head Works through a new Intake pool, a new 3.5 m dia. Power Tunnel of length of about 3.5kms, Surge Shaft, Pressure Shaft cum high Pressure tunnel of about 1131m length and 1 No. of Penstock of length 1285m to the new Power House.  The new Power House proposed has an installed capacity of 60MW (2x30MW) and the tail waters collected in the tailrace pool formed by a gravity dam will be directed to the Sengulam Reservoir by gravity.  The new scheme in unison with the existing Pallivasal Scheme will utilize about 79.62% of the total inflow with an average head of 594.11m.  The Pallivasal Extension Scheme with 60MW installed capacity when completed will add 153.9Mu to the state grid. 

Project Approval:

KSEBL accorded Revised Administrative Sanction on 20.11.2001 for Rs. 269.87 Crores.

Contract for the Work:

The contract for the execution of the Scheme was originally awarded to M/s ESSAR- DEC-CPPL Consortium for Rs 268.01 Crores.  But the contract was terminated on 13.09.2018 due to the poor progress achieved at site based on G.O dated 10.07.2018.

The contract for the remaining construction work of the project has been awarded to 4 different contractors.

  1. The Civil construction work “Engineering Design, construction works  of Intake Structure, Box  culvert  including Pre – Support  System for Deep Excavation & Allied Works and Construction of Tunnel for 584M to Intake (Both Soil & Rock) of Pallivasal Extension Scheme” awarded to M/s. BUMI – ZILLION Joint Venture and agreement executed on 15.03.2018.

Agreed PAC  -  Rs.109.44 Cr.

Actual date of commencement – 01.02.2018

Official date of completion     -   31.12.2020.

  1. The Civil construction work “Balance civil works of Tunnel, Surge Shaft, Pressure Shaft, Penstock, Power House and allied works” awarded to M/s. Anchor Structurals - DSE- SSIPL Joint Venture and agreement executed on 19.08.2019.

Agreed PAC - Rs.48.34 Cr.

Actual date of commencement – 12.08.2019

Official date of completion     -   11.10.2021

  1. The work “Balance works of Tailrace weir of PES and supply and laying of outlet pipe from tailrace weir of Pallivasal Extension Scheme to the inlet of Sengulam tunnel” awarded to M/s. Shri Saravana Industries Pvt. Ltd. and agreement executed on 30.06.2019. The work was completed on 20.01.2022.
  2. The E&M work “Erection of supplied Electro Hydro Mechanical Equipment and Supply & Erection of BOP equipment for Pallivasal Extension Scheme” awarded to M/s.TVPPL-KSK-FITWELL-BOOM-REHPL consortium and agreement executed on 25.04.22

Agreed PAC - Rs.48.55 Cr.

Actual date of commencement – 25.04.2022

Official date of completion     -   31.01.2023

Overall Progress achieved: 94.07%

Expected Completion of Project: 20.01.2024



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