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Chimmony Small Hydro Electric Project

Capacity - ( 1 x 1.25 MW)


Chimmony Small Hydro Eectric Project is a dam toe project located in Varandarapilly village of mukundapuram Taluk(now in ChalakudyTaluke) in Thrissur District in Kerala State in South India.The main components of tbe project are one penstock pipe of 33.192m length and 1.80m diameter,a dam toe power house of size 23.20m x 12.30m x 20.55m for installing one unit (horizontal Francis turbine) of 2.5 MW capacity,a tail race channel of lenght 26.60m and width 4.20m. The scheem proposes to utilize the irrigation release from the dam during the period from December to May and the spill water during Monsoon. The generation from the power house is possible during summer season when the demantd and cost of energy becomes high making the scheem more attractive. The total annual energy expected is 6.7 MU.This power house acheeved the target generation for the continusly for the last two years.


Salient Features:
Location with district : Chimmony Dam.Thrissur.
Category : Hydro Power Project
Capacity : 2.5MW
River : Karuvannur
Dam : Chimmony
Annual Energy Potential : 6.7 MU
Reservoir :
Catchment Area ; 75.13Sq. K.M (46.68Sq. Miles)
Gross Storage : 177.80 MCM
Generation per MCM : 0.12 MU
Design Head : 46.055 Mts.
Full Reservoir level (FRL) : 260.5 Ft. (+79.4 M)
Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL) : 185.37 Ft.
Design Disch. through Machine : 8.46 M3 

Date of Commissioning:
Unit – 1 : 22.05.2015

Date of Rennovation:
Unit – 1 : Nil

a) Type : Horizondal Francis
b) Make : Flowel Energy PVT Ltd
c) Design Net Head : 45.46 Mts.
d) Rated Output : 2.5(10% COL) MW
e) Output Max./ Min : 2.75MW/...1.... MW
f) Normal Speed : 600RPM
g) Runway speed : 1200RPM
h) Disc. Through Machine :8.46 M3

a) Type : Self Excited
b) Make : TDPS
c) Rated Voltage : 3300 V

d) Rated Out put : 2777.78 KVA
f) Speed : 600 RPM
g) Power Factor : 0.9

3. GENERATOR Transformers
a) Type : 3.3/11 KV
b) Make : Schneider
c) Rated Voltage : 3.3/11 KV
d) Rated Out put : 3150 KVA

4. Power evacuation
a) Feeder Name with voltage level: 11 KV Chimmony to Pudukkad 110 Kv Sub Station


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