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Sengulam Augmentation Scheme (85 Mu)

Sengulam Augmentation Scheme


The scheme envisages diversion of water from Western Kallar to the existing reservoir at Sengulam by constructing a concrete weir just upstream of Kallar bridge across western Kallar stream. Water is proposed to be diverted through a ‘D’ shaped diversion tunnel taking off from upstream of the weir, to the Sengulam reservoir for augmenting the power generation at Sengulam Power House by 85 Mu.

Project Approval:

KSEB Ltd. accorded Revised Administrative Sanction on 16.03.2019 for Rs. 81.30 Crores based on 2016 price level.

Contract for the Civil Work:

Civil work awarded to M/s. Anchor Structurals Engineers & Contractors - M/s. UNIDEC Foundations (P) Ltd. Joint Venture (Erstwhile Dr. Sasi Eloor Engineers &  Contractors -  M/s. UNIDEC Foundations (P) Ltd. Joint Venture ) and agreement executed on 15.07.2009.

Agreed PAC - Rs. 41.65 Crore

Actual date of commencement – 06.07.2009

Official date of completion     -   08.01.2013

Progress achieved- 76.95%

Expected Completion of Project: 31.03.2024.




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