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Reports - Gen

Annual Generation Capacity of generating station

  Sl.No Name of Station Installed Capacity of the plant Firm annual Gen.Capability No. of Generators. X Capacity in (MW) Plant Capcity in (MW) MU.. Read More


  RENEWABLE SOURCES Sl. No. Stations Installed capacity TOTAL I Small Hydro (KSEB) 1 Kallada 15 2 Peppara 3 3 Malankara 10.5 4 Madupetty 2.. Read More

hydroelectric stations-Reservoir details

Details of Hydro Electric stations-Reservoir Details   Name of Power station Installed Capacity (MW) Installed Capacity (MW) Name of Reservoir Full reservoir level (M)  Effective.. Read More

Dam Details

    The provided information covers all KSEBL dams, including details such as the dam's name, reservoir/pondage name, district of location, full reservoir level (in.. Read More


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