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The flood during August 2019 shattered the northern part of the State of Kerala with KSEB Ltd. sustaining major losses in all fronts viz. Generation, Transmission, Distribution.  Major losses due to the monsoon in 2019 were in the northern districts of Palakkad, Kannur, Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Wayanad. The operation of three generators with 50 MW capacity in Kakkayam, one of KSEB's major hydroelectric power stations has been interrupted due to a landslide and significant damage occurred to 7 minor hydroelectric power stations and a floating solar plant on the Barapole Canal. The operation of 43 substations, including two 220 kV substations and six 110 kV substations, was disrupted. It is estimated that 50.47 Lakh consumers were affected by the flood in 2019. In addition to the above, the Board sustained a loss of revenue due to a loss of load.

District-wise abstract of cost for restoration in three sectors viz. Generation, Transmission, and distribution of KSEB Ltd is given hereunder –

Cost for restoration (Rs in Lakh)
District Generation Transmission Distribution Total
Thiruvananthapuram     1419.5 1419.5
Kollam     1029.6 1029.6
Pathanamthitta 5   653.32 658.32
Kottayam      1455.96 1455.96
Alappuzha   28.4 597.5 654.3
Ernakulam 100 0.3 1689.14 1789.74
Idukki 39   1007.61 1046.61
Thrissur 3 286.35 1917.45 2206.8
Palakkad   16.46 2746.52 2762.98
Malappuram 50 35 3258.12 3343.12
Kozhikode 541 34.66 3276.44 3852.1
Wayanad 75 6 540.68 621.68
Kannur 650 7.26 1645.56 2302.82
Kasargod   1.29 1189.36 1190.65
Total 1463 415.72 22426.76 24305.5


Mission ReConnect 2019

In light of previous experience, the Mission ReConnect has been redesigned following the Flood 2019, coordinating various teams to properly utilize the necessary equipment and manpower, and take initiatives to ensure the safety of the public. Measures to utilize the reserve material for other projects to rectify flood-related damages were put in place and ensured the availability of inventory. Power supply to Distress Relief camps and KWA's pump houses were restored on a war footing, relieving the hardships of the civilian population. As part of Mission Reconnect 2019, the power supply was restored at all inhabitable houses and other buildings by 20.08.2019 itself. In the case of generating stations, except for one generator at Kakkayam and Vellathooval SHEP, all other affected stations and generators were made operational in record time.

Generating Stations Restored After Flood as of 31.03.2020.

Sl. Station Installed Capacity (MW) Present available Capacity (MW) Approximate restoration expense                 (in Lakhs) Expected period of restoration (days)
No. Civil Electrical  
1 Kakkayam 225 75 500 60
200 300  
2 Chembukadavu I 2.7 1.8 5 10
5 0  
3 Chembukadavu II 3.75 0 25 14
15 10  
4 Adyanpara 3.5 0 50 30
45 5  
5 Urumi I 3.75 3.75 2 -
2 0  
6 Urumi II 2.4 1.6 2 14
2 0  
7 Vilangad 7.5 7.5 2 -
2 0  
8 KSHEP 3 0 - 30
9 Barapole Canal Bank- Solar 1 0 300  
100 200  
Total 252.6 89.65 886  
371 515  

The Machines of Kakkayam Power House were (KES, KAES) affected due to a landslide that occurred near the powerhouse on 08.08.2019. Mud and water entered the power house and Units 4, 5, & 6 stopped completely.  Chembukadavu I & 2 SHEPs flooded during the rain in August 2019. The restoration works in the flood-affected HEPs were completed and the machine synchronized to the grid on the following dates :


Sl No. Name of Project Date of restoration
1 Kakkayam Unit #4 1.11.2019
2 Kakkayam Unit #5 22.09.2019
3 Kakkayam Unit #6 04.09.2019
4 Chembukadavu I Unit#1&2 14.08.2019
5 Chembukadavu I Unit #3 10.09.2019
6 Chembukadavu II Unit#3 08.09.2019
7 Chembukadavu II Unit#2 09.09.2019
8 Chembukadavu II 10.09.2019


A landslide along the penstock route and weir side occurred at Adyanpara Power House and the machine was forced to shut down on 05.08.2019. The Power House was affected severely for which restoration works were undertaken and the machine was put into service on 14.06.2020.
On 09.08.2019 1 MW canal bank solar project was washed away during the flood. About 340 Nos solar panels were damaged in both canal bank and canal top solar projects. 3 MW canal top projects and 1 MW canal bank project were charged on 17.08.2019 and 27.08.2019 respectively.
In the restoration phase, resuming service to consumers was the priority for the distribution wing. Restoration works in the worsley hit districts of Kannur and Malappuram gained momentum on deploying about 200 Staff and contract workers from other parts of the state which led to the restoration of supply in record time. Reconstruction of 17074 Km distribution lines, 31129 poles, and 445 Distribution Transformers were required for resuming normalcy. Against all odds, KSEB could restore all disrupted Distribution Networks and affect almost all service connections within a week; the remaining few, which were kept isolated on safety considerations, were also re-electrified immediately after the water receded. The cost for restoration in the distribution wing was estimated at Rs.224.26 Cr.

In the transmission sector, due to the inflow of floodwater in Substations and the damages caused in transmission lines, the functioning of 43 Substations was disrupted which included 2 Nos. 220 KV Substations and 6 Nos. 110 KV substations. The working of Substations was resumed after the receding of water. As a result of the rise in water level in the Chaliyar River, to avoid any electrical accidents,  the 220 KV line from Areacode Substation in Malappuram district feeding Kanhirode Substation was switched off resulting in power failure in the districts of Kannur, Kasaragod and partially in Kozhikode from 9.08.2019 AN to 10.08.2019. One transmission tower toppled in the Kunnamkulam – Punnayoorkulam 110 KV transmission line and two towers were toppled in the Vaikom – Thycattussery 66 KV line. In addition to this, many 33 KV poles were damaged. Alternate feeding arrangements were put in place to provide supply to consumers even before restoring the waterlogged Substations. 
It is estimated that in the transmission sector, KSEBL suffered a monetary loss of Rs 4.16 Cr during this year's monsoon. The damages in the transmission wing could be brought down considerably by switching off the Substations and shifting the Safety relays and associated equipment to safety well in advance in anticipation of the flood. 


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