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Generation Strategic Business Unit

Strategic Business Units

The Generation SBU of KSEBL manages various aspects related to power generation. This includes the development of hydroelectric stations, from initial investigation to commissioning, as well as the operation and maintenance of both old and new power stations. The SBU is responsible for the maintenance of 61 dams, 43 large and small hydro stations, two thermal generating stations, and a wind farm.

The Generation SBU is managed by two Directors: the Director (Generation - Electrical, REES, SOURA, Sports, and Welfare) and the Director (Generation - Civil). These directors oversee the operations within the SBU and are supported by Chief Engineers who manage specific functions:

Under Director (Generation - Electrical, REES, SOURA, Sports, and Welfare):

  1. Chief Engineer (Generation & PED)
  2. Chief Engineer (Renewable Energy & Energy Savings)

The Generation SBU operates and maintains a range of power generation facilities, including hydroelectric stations, thermal power plants, and a wind farm. The department also carries out renovation, modernization, and upgrading of old hydroelectric projects that have exceeded their useful life. The Director (Generation - Electrical) is responsible for managing these functions, with support from the Chief Engineer (Gen & PED).

Projects Electrical Design (PED): The Chief Engineer (PED) manages the Projects' Electrical Design and reports to the Director (Generation - Electrical, REES, SOURA, Sports, and Welfare). This wing is responsible for pre-contract and post-contract activities related to design, technical specifications, tendering, drawing scrutiny and approval, and inspection and test witnessing for electrical and mechanical work in power generation projects. This includes the preparation of technical specifications, tender documents, and quality assurance plans, as well as the inspection of work during the construction phase. They also play a role in preparing technical specifications for power evacuation projects.

Renewable Energy & Energy Savings: The Chief Engineer (Renewable Energy & Energy Savings) reports to the Director (Generation - Electrical, REES, SOURA, Sports, and Welfare). This wing is responsible for implementing energy conservation activities, managing an Energy Savings Coordination (ESCO) team, and coordinating innovation projects. Their responsibilities also include identifying and preparing DPRs for viable renewable energy projects, tendering and awarding of renewable energy projects, and managing various energy-related functions.

SOURA (State Nodal Officer for Rooftop Solar Plants): SOURA, headed by the Deputy Chief Engineer (State Nodal Officer), is responsible for implementing rooftop solar plants and coordinating the installation of rooftop and ground-mounted solar projects in various government departments, local self-government departments, and collectorates.

Under Director (Generation - Civil):

  1. Chief Engineer (Civil Construction - North)
  2. Chief Engineer (Civil Construction - South)
  3. Chief Engineer (Civil - Investigation & Construction Central)
  4. Chief Engineer (Civil - Dam Safety & DRIP)
  5. Deputy Chief Engineer (Pallivasal Extension Scheme) with full power of Chief Engineer

The Civil wing of the Generation SBU is responsible for the investigation, planning, and design of all hydroelectric projects, land acquisition matters, environmental and forest clearance, safety and maintenance of dams, and construction works for hydroelectric projects. They also handle activities related to construction and maintenance of office buildings and fabrication of line materials, yard structures for substations, and accessories for hydraulic structures.

Civil Investigation and Planning: The Chief Engineer (Civil I&P) in this wing identifies potential hydroelectric schemes, conducts investigations and surveys, and prepares preliminary and detailed investigation reports and project reports for technically feasible and economically viable projects. This also includes activities related to obtaining forest and environmental clearances and other regulatory approvals.

Dam Safety: The Dam Safety Wing, led by the Chief Engineer (Civil - Dam Safety & DRIP), is responsible for monitoring the safety of 58 dams owned by KSEBL. They oversee instrumentation, inspection reports, maintenance of dams and connected structures, and various other aspects of dam safety. The wing also plays a significant role in the implementation of the Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) to improve the safety and operational performance of selected dams.

The Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) is a project funded by the World Bank aimed at enhancing dam safety. KSEBL has successfully implemented various activities under DRIP. The project has transitioned into a second phase (DRIP Phase II) with additional funding and a 10-year duration.

This comprehensive structure within the Generation SBU ensures the efficient and safe operation of power generation facilities, as well as the development of renewable energy and energy-saving initiatives.


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