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Oorja Kerala Mission

Empowering Energy Transformation

Welcome to the Oorja Kerala Mission, a pioneering initiative by the Government of Kerala launched on June 14, 2018. This mission embodies a visionary approach to energy generation and conservation, designed to holistically transform the electricity sector within the state. At its core, Oorja Kerala Mission aims to implement five pivotal projects over three years, with a total investment of ₹15,000 Crore. These projects are Soura (Renewable Energy), Filament Free Kerala (Energy Conservation), E-safe (Safety), Dyuthi (Distribution), and Trans-Grid (Transmission).

Soura: Illuminating Kerala with Renewable Energy

Under the Soura project, Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has set an ambitious target to achieve a cumulative capacity of 1000 MW through solar projects by 2021. This includes a significant contribution of 50% from rooftop solar installations (RTS), 150 MW from solar parks, and floating solar projects, with the remaining 200 MW sourced through reverse e-bidding from solar projects across the country. In the first phase, 46.5 MW of rooftop solar capacity is set to be completed by December 2020.

Empowering Prosumers with Multiple Business Models

To engage prosumers effectively, three business models have been established:

  • Model-1: KSEBL installs and maintains rooftop solar plants on consumers' premises, covering the full cost. A fixed percentage (10%) of the generated energy is provided to the consumer for free.

  • Model-2: KSEBL installs and maintains rooftop plants, selling the generated energy to consumers at a fixed price for 25 years.

  • Model-3: Consumers invest in solar plants, with excess energy settled at the Average Power Purchase Cost (APPC) rate approved by KSERC.

These models have already resulted in the completion of 1577 plants with a capacity of 17.57 MW, significantly contributing to renewable energy adoption.

NOTE: These schemes do not exist anymore. The existing scheme is the SOURA Subsidy scheme.

Focus on Government Buildings: Powering Progress

The Government of Kerala has directed all government departments to explore the installation of solar plants on their buildings to meet electricity needs, aligning with the national goal of achieving a carbon-neutral state. So far, 596 government sites with a total plant capacity of 14.119 MWp have been completed and connected to the grid.

The Future of Solar: Phase II and Beyond

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has extended support through subsidies, leading to the allocation of 50 MW capacity to KSEBL for domestic consumers in Phase II of the RTS program. This initiative aims to complete the project by November 2021. A further 200 MW capacity has been sanctioned for 2020-21.

Filament Free Kerala: Illuminating the State with LEDs

The Filament Free Kerala project focuses on replacing CFL and filament bulbs in domestic and street lighting sectors with energy-efficient LED lamps. Over 13 lakh consumers have already registered for LED lamps in the first phase, driving a reduction in peak demand, global warming, and Hg pollution.

Dyuthi 2021: Transforming Distribution Grid

Dyuthi 2021, a part of the Oorja Kerala Mission, seeks to elevate the distribution grid of KSEB Ltd to international standards. Despite initial challenges, efforts are ongoing to ensure timely completion of this essential project.

TransGrid 2.0: Reinventing the Transmission Network

TransGrid 2.0 is a critical project aimed at strengthening the state's transmission network to meet future energy demands. It's being executed in two phases, with substantial progress in Phase I. The project is expected to play a pivotal role in the state's energy infrastructure.

ESafe: A Safer Tomorrow

The eSafe project, a collaboration between the Electrical Inspectorate and KSEB, focuses on ensuring zero electrical accidents. It involves modernizing the transmission and distribution sector, replacing bare conductors with covered ones, introducing safety training, and promoting awareness through various channels.

At Oorja Kerala Mission, we are dedicated to driving sustainable energy transformation, enhancing safety, and securing a brighter, cleaner future for Kerala. Join us on this remarkable journey toward a more energy-efficient and eco-conscious tomorrow.


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