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Implementation of Cloud Telephony Services

Revolutionizing Customer Service with Cloud Telephony at KSEBL.


Setting up of RE Data Centre

For Monitoring and Scheduling of Renewable Energy in the State KSEBL established a Renewable Energy Data Centre at CE (REES) Office. It was established on 03.08.2021.The Project cost is Rupees Seventy Lakhs only.


Introduction of Service At Doorsteps

As part of improving the ease of life and customer service,KSEBL has introduced a flagship project ““Services at doorsteps” as a pilot project under Electrical Circle, Palakkad from 01.10.2020 onwards.


Commissioning of first Floating Solar Project in Banasura Sagar

The first Floating Solar Project was commissioned in Banasurasagar on 31.03.2019 which has a capacity of 500 KWp.


Kerala becomes India's first state to have 100% households, electrified.

Kerala became India's first 100% households electrified state, with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan declaring the state as 100% electrified on 29th day of may in 2017.


Commissioning of first Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant at Kanjikode

The first Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant of KSEBL was commissioned on 20.08.2015 at Kanjikkode. It has a capacity of 1MWp.


Formation of Centralised Customer Care and attached 24x7 Call Center

A Centralised Customer Care Centre (CCC) with an attached Call Centre was established under RAPDRP scheme Part A, started functioning at Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Pattom with a single BSNL PRI line.


Formation of KSEB Limited:

The Kerala State Electricity Board Limited is the successor entity of Kerala State Electricity Board. As per section 172 (a) of the Electricity Act 2003 and as mutually decided by the Government of India and Government of Kerala, KSEB had continued as Transmission utility and Distribution licensee till 24-09-2008.


Formation of Model sections:

In order to transform KSEB into a customer-oriented organization and to facilitate a face-lift in the operation of Electrical Section offices, KSEB decided to implement 75 model sections, one in each Electrical Division with effect from 01.06.2009.


Formation of Transmission and Distribution Coordination Committee

To minimize the supply interruption, effective utilization of transmission capacity (lines as well as substation), system improvement and to ensure proper cooperation between the Distribution and Transmission wings, the Board has constituted a Circle level Coordination Committee of Transmission and Distribution wings vide B.O.(FM)No.869/2008(DPCIII/T&DCC/2008-09) dtd 05.04.2008.


Implementation of new LT billing software - ORUMA

Computerisation Unit has successfully completed the development of new application software for LT billing based on open-source technology.


Formation of Consumer Grievance Redressal Forums (CGRF)

The Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd constituted as per BO dated 16.03.2006 -  Consumer Grievance Redressal Forums(CGRFs) for each region namely - Southern, Central & Northern.


Formation of Transformer Field Repair Unit

In order to reduce the failure rate of transformers, and for better consumer satisfaction, the Board has formed District-wise Transformers Field Repair Units on 28.10.2005.


Formation of Transformer Field Repair Unit

Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd formed a district-wise Transformer Field Repair unit on 28.10.2005.


Formation of design cell

A design cell with headquarters at Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Kozhikode was formed as per B.O. dtd 23.12.2004


KSEB as a Transmission & Distribution utility

In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 131 (2) of the Electricity Act, 2003, the Government of Kerala (GoK) notified Kerala Electricity Second Transfer Scheme (Re-vesting) 2013 vide GO (P) No. 46/2013/PD dated 31st October 2013. Through this notification, all the assets, liabilities, rights and obligations of erstwhile KSEB vested into the State Government by the first transfer scheme dated 25.09.2008 were re-vested to the successor entity i.e. Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd (KSEBL).


Formation of Trouble Call Management System(TCMS)

A Trouble Call Management System was introduced with effect from 01.04.2004 at Power House, Thiruvananthapuram with seven Mobile Breakdown Units to cover seven subdivisions as part of the KSEB initiatives to offer better Customer services by reducing interruption.


Formation of Public Grievance Redressal Cell 

Public Grievance Redressal Cell was formed on 16.10.2003 by merging the Public Grievance Cell and Customer Service Cell.


Distribution Automation Project

The DA project is a joint venture of KSEB & CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) aimed at reducing the number and duration of 11kV interruptions and quick restoration of supply.


Formation of Profit Centres

Consistent with the State Power Policy declared in 07/1998, the reorganization of the activities of the Board under three Profit Centres came into effect during 1999-2000.


Commissioning of Kakkad Hydro Electric Project

The project was officially dedicated to the nation on 14.10.1999 by the then Chief Minister of Kerala, Sri. E.K. Nayanar. The project area is situated in the Pathanamthitta District of Kerala.


Commissioning of The Poringalkuthu Left Bank Extension (PLBE)

The foundation stone of the PLBE Powerhouse was laid on November 15, 1994, by Sri. C.V. Padmarajan, the Honorable Minister for Electricity of Kerala. The project cost approximately Rs 41 crores for its successful completion.


Commissioning of Mattupetty Power house

This is the powerhouse situated at the highest level in Kerala at 1556 m above MSL and constructed in 1997-98 as the Dam toe powerhouse of Mattupetty Reservoir.


Commissioning of Lower Periyar Power House

Lower Periyar Power House is the fourth biggest generating station in Kerala and one of the most important tie stations in the power grid of Kerala.  The installed capacity of the station is 3X60 MW and there are 6 nos. of 220 kV feeders. All the machines were commissioned in 1997 itself.


Commissioning of Diesel Power Plant at Brahmapuram

With a view to meet the anticipated shortfall in power generation in the state the Board decided in 1987 to set up Diesel Power Power plant with a capacity of 100 MW ( 5 x20 MW) at Brahmapuram at a sanctioned estimate of Rs 281.11 Crores.


Commissioning of Pallom 220kV Substation

Pallom 220kV Substation was the first 220 kV substation in Kerala.


Commissioning of WIND FARM - KANJIKODE

KSEBL established its first nonconventional energy project i.e. wind farm project at Kanjikode with the assistance of the Ministry of Non conventional energy sources in 1995


Commissioning of Madakkathara substation

400 kV substation, Madakkathara, is the first 400 kV substation in Kerala.


Introduction of Bi monthly spot billing and Self-meter reading system

Bi monthly spot billing system was introduced in 28 electrical sections in the whole of the state with effect from 01/04/1990.


Formation of Anti Power Theft Squad

In order to tackle the problem of revenue losses due to theft/pilferage, irregular use of energy, an Anti Power Theft Squad (APTS) was formed under the overall control and supervision of the Chief Vigilance and Security Officer in November 1989.


Commissioning of Idamalayar Hydro Electric Project

 This project is a multi-purpose scheme. The power project was commissioned in 1987. The construction of this project started on 2-01-1981 and the trial run was on 24-01-1987.


Formation of sub-regional stores

An organizational change came up in the year 1985-86 with the formation of 4 numbers of Sub Regional Stores (SRS) with one Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical ) in charge of the stores replacing the Divisional Stores.


Formation of Planning Cell

The planning cell was formed in 1976 with the view to give more importance to corporate planning, formulating schemes, and monitoring the progress of ongoing projects.


Commissioning of Idukki Power House

Idukki Hydro Electric Project (IHEP), the largest hydroelectric project in Kerala was dedicated to the nation by the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi on 12th February 1976.


Introduction of Slab System

In exercise of the powers conferred by Sections 49 and 59 of the Electricity Supply Act 1948, and the provisions of the Kerala state Electricity Board(General Tariff) Regulation made under Sub Section (J) of Section 79 of the Act 1948, Board revised the Domestic Tariff, 1(A)  based on the usage and slab system has been introduced.


Commissioning of Kuttiyady Hydro Electric Project

Kuttiady Hydro Electric Project, commissioned on 11.09.1972 was installed for harnessing water of the Kuttiady River.


Formation of Rural Electrification Division

A separate Construction Division was formed for the follow-up and monitoring of the works carried out under schemes financed by the Rural Electrification Corporation.


Formation of Central Billing Unit for H.T & E.H.T consumers

A central unit was formed in the Chief Engineer’s Office for the preparation and issuing of the bills of H.T. &E.H.T. consumers in time and in turn the collection of revenue in time.


Complete village electrification

All the 1268 villages as per the 1971 census were electrified.


Appointment of Director Vigilance

Since it was felt that the arrangements for dealing with vigilance cases should be more effective, the Board created a post of Chief Vigilance Officer to improve the vigilance work. The Vigilance wing was formed by creating a Vigilance  Division and was attached to the Board Secretariat under the direct control of the Chairman.


Establishment of the State load Despatch Centre

The Load Despatch Center at Kalamassery started working 24/7 on a shift basis from 01.02.1969. The work of modernization of the L.D. station was awarded to M/s Computer Maintenance Corporation of India Limited. 


Commissioning of Interstate 220kV  Sabarigiri-Theni feeder

The construction work of the 220kV interstate feeder from Sabarigiri Power House to Theni in the Kerala-Tamilnadu border was completed and the line has been commissioned. 


Formation of Industrial Relations Committee

The board constituted an Industrial Relations Committee with an equal number of representatives from the Management and Trade Unions and Associations of  Employees of the Board.


Constitution of Local Advisory Committee

Local Advisory Committees at the Divisional Level and Sub Divisional levels were constituted under Rule 19 of the K.S.E.Board Rules 1957 as amended by the G.O.MS.205/67/PW/dtd 04.10.1967.


Commissioning of Sholayar Powerhouse

During the tenure of 1954-55 Administrative sanction was obtained from the Travancore Cochin government for 435 Lakhs vide Letter No.12627/55/PWC/24-11-1955.


Commissioning of Sabari Hydro Electric Project

Sabarigiri Hydro Electric Project (SHEP) is the second largest hydroelectric project in Kerala. The Power Station was commissioned during 1966 -67 with six generators having an installed capacity of 300 MW with vertical shaft Pelton turbine as the prime mover.


Commissioning of 220kV Substation Pallom

One circuit of the Moozhiyar -Pallom section of the 220kV double circuit from Moozhiyar to Pallom then to Kalamassery line and temporary 220/110kV at Pallom with a capacity of 60MVA were completed during this year.  


Charging of 110kV Interstate feeder Link with Mysore Grid

The 110kV temporary Inter state link with Mysore grid was completed by 1965-66 and the line was charged at 110kV.  


Panniyar Power Project

Panniar, which is located at Vellathooval in Idukki district, is one of the oldest hydro power projects in Kerala. The first Unit with a capacity of 15 MW was commissioned on 29/12/1963 and the second Unit having the same capacity on 26/01/1964.


Commissioned Neriamangalam Power Station

Neriamangalam Power Station was commissioned on 12.04.1961 by the Vice President of India Dr. S Radhakrishnan with two units (Unit 1 & 2).


Commissioned 110kV Substation Thiruvalla

Commissioned 110kV Substation Thiruvalla


33kV Substation Karunagapally

Commissioned 33kV Substation Karunagapally.


First Staff Council meeting held

The staff council was formed during 1959-60.


First Tariff revision

In view of the increasing capital charges and cost of production and extensive rural electrification works undertaken with a low revenue return, the Board felt it necessary to revise and rationalize the tariffs so that the returns from the undertakings would be adequate to meet the cost


Commissioning of 110kV Substation

Commissioning of 110kV Substation Sengulam, Pallom and Kundara.


Commissioning of  66 kV  Substation, Vytilla

66kV Substation Vytilla was commissioned on 16.03.1958. M/s Siemens Engg. & Manufacturing Co. Private Ltd was the contractor for the installation of switchgear.



Commissioning of  66kV  Substation at Palghat

One 66 kV Substation at Palghat was commissioned by energizing a 1.5 MVA 66/11kV transformer erected temporarily.


Formation of State Electricity Consultative Council 

The State Government by their Notification EL-3-9345 DTD 21.02.1958 constituted the State Electricity Consultative Council under section 16 of the Electricity (Supply) Act


Commissioning of Viyyur and Chalkkudy  66kV Substations

66kV Substation Viyyur and Chalakkudy were commissioned on 10.11.1957 by the energization of Chalakudy Viyyur line.


Commissioning of  Poringalkuthu Left Bank Project (PLB)

Poringalkuthu Left Bank Project  (PLB) – 4x8MW,is the 3rd power project commissioned in the state of Kerala in the year 1957.


Introduction of Carrier communication system

Erection of Carrier communication system.


Formation of Kerala State Electricity Board

Government of Kerala (elected through the first general election conducted) constituted the Kerala State Electricity Board.


Second Hydro Electric Project

Commissioned the Second Hydro Electric Project(Sengulam Hydro Electric Project) in Kerala.


Commissioning of 66 kV transmission lines.

66kV tranmission lines were commissioned in 1940 for evacuating power from Pallivasal Hydroelectric Project.


First Hydro Electric Project

Commissioned the First Hydro Electric Project(first stage of the Pallivasal project) in Kerala.


Formation of Electricity Department

Formation of Electricity Department under the Travancore Government


Formation of Electricity Division

Diesel Power Station was established during the reign of Maharaja of Travancore, Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma.


Implementation of Cloud Telephony Services



KSEBL implemented the Cloud telephony Services on 17th May 2023 with the help of service providers M/s. Airtel on the phone number 9496001912. Any number of consumers can register a complaint/service request/get billing info, via Call (IVR) & WhatsApp without any manual intervention or waiting in a queue. An automated voice callback facility - "VOICE BLAST" was also implemented along with the above services to provide disconnection alerts to consumers one day prior to their disconnection date. Consumers will receive this automated voice callback alert from the phone number 8048214203.  


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