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Energy Auditing

Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Losses

Welcome to our comprehensive energy auditing program, a crucial component of our commitment to effective energy management. At its core, an energy audit empowers us to identify inefficiencies, leakages, and improper electricity usage within our power systems. By pinpointing these areas of improvement, we can take substantial steps toward optimizing energy utilization.

The Journey to Precise Energy Management

Our journey towards more effective energy management began in June 2001 when we initiated profit center-wise energy transfer estimates, T&D (Transmission and Distribution) loss assessments, and pinpointed high-loss areas. This monthly activity marked a significant milestone, encompassing a thorough examination of our existing energy accounting systems, replacing faulty meters, and strategically installing new meters in key locations. To ensure comprehensive coverage, meters were strategically placed at all substations and feeders up to and including 11kV.

Expanding Our Reach: The APDRP Scheme

Recognizing the importance of a proactive approach to energy auditing, the board made a pivotal decision. We have embarked on a mission to install energy meters not only in all distribution transformers across Kerala but also alongside the existing meters in all 11kV feeders. This strategic move enhances the effectiveness of our energy auditing initiatives, enabling us to monitor and manage energy consumption more accurately.

Reducing T&D Losses: A Core Objective

One of our central objectives is the continuous reduction of T&D losses, comprising both technical and commercial (unaccounted) losses. Each year, we set an ambitious target of reducing these losses by 2%. To realize this goal, we have implemented a series of critical measures.

1. Technical Loss Reduction

In a concerted effort to minimize technical losses, we've taken several proactive steps. During the 2002-03 period, we installed seven 33kV substations along with their associated lines, extended our network by 611 kilometers of 11kV lines, introduced 830 distribution transformers, and added 120MVR shunt capacitors to our infrastructure. These strategic investments significantly enhance the reliability and efficiency of our power transmission and distribution systems.

2. Combatting Energy Theft

In our unwavering commitment to fair and accountable energy consumption, we've strengthened the Anti-Power Theft Wing. This dedicated team works tirelessly to identify instances of malpractice and energy pilferage. By tackling these issues head-on, we ensure that every unit of electricity is used for its intended purpose.

At KSEBL, our energy auditing program is at the forefront of our mission to enhance efficiency, reduce losses, and provide reliable power to our communities. We are committed to pioneering sustainable energy solutions and continuously improving our services to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the environment.


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