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Distribution Strategic Business Unit

Strategic Business Unit

The Distribution SBU is responsible for the distribution and supply of electricity throughout the entire state, with the exception of a few small areas managed by other licensees. Its activities encompass providing service connections to consumers across all categories and managing the construction, operation, and maintenance of the distribution network up to a voltage level of 11 KV (with 22 KV distribution also present in some parts of the Palakkad district). This SBU directly serves over 99% of the state's consumers, totaling 137.039 lakh consumers as of March 2023.

Furthermore, the Distribution SBU actively participated in the implementation of Central Sector Schemes, distribution projects funded externally, and Kerala Development Schemes. It is also responsible for monitoring projects like Urjja Kerala Mission Project and Dyuthi 2022.

At the helm of the Distribution SBU is the Director, who oversees the areas of Distribution, Safety, Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Information Technology (IT). The SBU is further divided into six key divisions, each reporting to the Director:

  1. Chief Engineers, Distribution (South)
  2. Chief Engineer, Distribution (Central)
  3. Chief Engineer, Distribution (North)
  4. Chief Engineer, Distribution (North Malabar)
  5. Chief Engineer (SCM)

The Southern Region, headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram, comprises 7 Electrical Circles, 22 Divisions, 64 Subdivisions, and 217 Electrical Sections. Additionally, Transformer Meter Repair (TMR) Divisions are located at Thirumala and Pallom within this region.

The Central Region, based in Ernakulam, encompasses 7 Electrical Circles, 25 Divisions, 70 Subdivisions, and 235 Electrical Sections. The TMR Division at Angamaly falls under the jurisdiction of Distribution (Central).

The North Region, with its headquarters in Kozhikode, consists of 7 Electrical Circles, 20 Divisions, 53 Subdivisions, and 213 Electrical Sections. The TMR Division at Shoranur operates under the Northern region.

The North Malabar Region, led by the Chief Engineer headquartered in Kannur, includes 4 Electrical Circles, 9 Divisions, 29 Electrical Subdivisions, and 108 Electrical Sections. The TMR Division in Kannur is affiliated with the North Malabar region.

Supply Chain Management, under the leadership of the Chief Engineer (SCM), is responsible for preparing procurement plans for centralized distribution and transmission materials. This includes procuring materials based on the purchase plan, arranging raw materials for line material fabrication, and monitoring material flow. Inventory control is supervised by the three SBUs.

Lastly, the Safety Department, led by the Chief Safety Commissioner in the rank of Chief Engineer, reports to the Director (Distribution, Safety, SCM, and IT). Its mission is to establish and maintain a persistent and systematic safety culture within the organization to minimize accidents. Safety officers conduct regular inspections across various offices to assess safety preparedness and propose enhancements. This safety wing has jurisdiction over safety matters in all sectors, including Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and the Civil wing of KSEBL throughout Kerala.


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