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National Award for Load Dispatch Centers

The National Award for Load Dispatch Centers has been conferred upon the Kerala State Load Dispatch Center (SLDC). These centers are pivotal institutions responsible for ensuring the seamless and uninterrupted supply of electricity to consumers throughout the country, all the while maintaining cost-effectiveness. This essential service is delivered at the state level by SLDCs, at the regional level by RLDCs, and at the national level by NLDCs.

SLDCs, like Kerala's, hold the critical responsibility of determining the optimal electricity production levels, including the source, timing, and volume, in alignment with the ever-evolving demands for electricity. This decision-making process is influenced by factors such as the electricity flow through transmission lines, transformer capacities, and the consistent maintenance of voltage and frequency standards at each substation.

On the other hand, RLDCs and NLDCs are charged with the task of thoroughly reviewing the interstate transmission network and power generation facilities, enabling them to efficiently regulate electricity production in accordance with the requirements set by the respective SLDCs.

The performance excellence of these load dispatch centers has a direct impact on the efficiency of power distribution, the overall cost of electricity, and environmental issues stemming from power outages.

To enhance the performance of all load dispatch centers across India, the Forum of Load Dispatch (FOLD) has devised a strategy to evaluate and acknowledge their excellence. This approach entails categorizing these centers into three distinct categories and establishing specific criteria for the awards.

The criteria for these awards include factors such as voltage stability, adherence to area control error limits, utilization of information technology, operator efficiency, training and certification for adopting new technologies, preparedness through mock drills for emergency situations, and portfolio management for streamlined operations.

A panel comprising esteemed experts in the field meticulously evaluated these criteria during the International Conference of Power Systems held in November 2020 at IIT Kharagpur. Consequently, Kerala SLDC emerged as the top-performing medium-sized SLDC in the nation, earning this prestigious recognition.


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