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National honor for pole-mounted charging stations invented by KSEB for electric autorickshaws and two-wheelers.

Kerala State Electricity Board Limited received the Diamond Award given by the Indian Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) in 2023 in the Emerging Innovation in Electric Mobility Domain- EV and EVSE Rollouts category. The innovative concept of pole-mounted charging stations invented by KSEB for the first time in the country for two-wheeler electric vehicles is the one that deserves the award. KSEB has made great strides in the electric vehicle sector through such chargers installed at power posts across the state.

Across the state, 1150 charging stations have been installed in places suggested by their respective MLAs in each constituency. At the beginning of the project, 10 pilot stations were established in Kozhikode district with the highest number of e-auto rickshaws in Kerala. Electricity Minister K. Krishnankutty inaugurated it. Following the pilot project being a huge success, the project has been expanded statewide to the demands of those who use electric two-wheeler vehicles.

The facility for proper charging at a low cost has been made available by setting up charging stations at the existing power costs by minimizing the cost of capital. These can also be used to charge electric cars during emergencies. Vehicles can be easily charged through the mobile application KEMapp developed by KSEB itself. Charging devices for this project were designed by a startup company Charge Mode. These were established by Genesis Engineers & Contractors. Currently, about 51,000 two-wheelers and more than 4500 autorickshaws are using this facility.

The concept of a pole-mounted charging station designed and implemented by KSEB for the first time in India has also been adopted by other states. Electricity Minister K congratulates KSEB officers who have implemented the project which is a model for the whole country in the event of receiving the ISGF Diamond Award. Krishnankutty congratulated.

The award will be presented at the award ceremony to be held in Delhi on March 3, 2023. 


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