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Corporate Office


The corporate office handles various essential functions such as corporate planning, finance, audits, legal affairs, human resources management, commercial matters, tariff, and regulatory affairs. The following department heads report directly to the Chairman and Managing Director:

  1. Senior Law Officer
  2. Chief Vigilance Officer
  3. Secretary (Administration)
  4. Chief Public Relations Officer
  5. Chief Personnel Officer
  6. Chief Engineer (IT, CR & CAPs)

The Director of Finance oversees financial management, internal audit, tariff management, power purchase, and related commercial aspects. Additionally, they manage human resources as an additional responsibility. The following departments operate under the Director of Finance:

  1. Chief Engineer (HRM)
  2. Deputy Chief Engineer (Commercial and Tariff)
  3. Financial Advisor
  4. Chief Internal Auditor
  5. Special Officer (Revenue)
  6. Company Secretary

The corporate supportive functions such as corporate planning, supply chain management, and safety management are carried out by separate departments under the Director (Planning, SCM & Safety) supported by the following department heads:

  1. Chief Engineer (SCM)
  2. Deputy Chief Engineer (Corporate Planning) 
  3. Chief Engineer (Renewable Energy & Energy Savings)
  4. Chief Safety Commissioner 

Secretary (Administration) carries out general administration matters of the company and is the authorized representative of KSEBL in matters of general administration and legal affairs. The Resident Engineer, New Delhi reports to the Secretary

1.  Legal Department

The Legal Department, led by the Senior Law Officer, handles legal matters, including cases in courts and agreements with contractors and power suppliers.

2.  Vigilance Department

The Vigilance Department investigates corruption, misconduct, and power theft by employees and consumers. It consists of Vigilance and Anti-Power-Theft Squad wings.

3. The Chief Engineer (IT, CR & CAPs)

assists the Director in activities related to IT-based projects, customer relations, and centrally aided projects. The IT Department, led by the Chief Engineer (IT, CR & CAPs), focuses on software development, testing, implementation, and maintenance to automate various functional areas, as well as managing IT infrastructure. The IT wing also handles the automation of LT and HT billing and HR management systems.

4. Centrally Aided Projects, such as RAPDRP, IPDS, DDUGJY (excluding the IT aspect), RDSS, and other projects announced by the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, are coordinated by a separate office. This office is headed by a Deputy Chief Engineer, who reports to the Chief Engineer (IT, CR & CAPs), and is responsible for managing corporate project activities from project approval to closure.

5.  Secretary (Administration)
The Secretary (Administration) manages general administration and legal matters on behalf of the Board of Directors.

6.  Public Relations Department
The Public Relations Department, led by the Chief Public Relations Officer, manages corporate communication, press releases, advertisements, and social media engagement.

7.  Personnel Department
The Personnel Department, headed by the Chief Personnel Officer, handles personnel management, industrial relations, labor welfare, and related functions.

8.  Human Resources Department
The Chief Engineer (HRM) manages all human resources activities for the company. This includes appointments, transfers, leave, training, and various HR-related functions.

9.  Commercial and Tariff Department
This department, headed by the Chief Engineer (Commercial and tariff), deals with power procurement, regulatory affairs, tendering, and other commercial aspects related to power distribution. The Tariff and Regulatory Affairs Cell prepares and files revenue requirements and tariff proposals for approval. They also handle data collection and analysis for cost estimation and manage petitions and appeals.

10.  Finance and Accounts Department
The Finance and Accounts Department, led by the Financial Advisor & Chief Financial Officer, manages financial planning, budgeting, cash flow, and corporate banking. They also handle accounts and budgeting for the company.

11.  Internal Audit Department
The Internal Audit Department, under the Chief Internal Auditor, conducts post and pre-audits for various company functions and operations.

12  Special Officer (Revenue), SOR
The Special Officer (Revenue) manages billing, collections, and recovery efforts for high-tension and extra-high-tension consumers, licensees, and related activities.

13.  The Company Secretary
Government, vide orders dated 08.06.2015 accorded sanction to create one post of Company Secretary. It was also ordered on 16.09.2015 to fill up the post of Assistant Company Secretary from among the qualified hands in KSEBL. Accordingly, the Assistant Company Secretary was posted vide B.O. dated 26.12.2015. The Assistant Company Secretary reports to the Secretary (Administration) and holds the full additional charge of Company Secretary of Kerala State Electricity Board Limited. The Assistant Company Secretary attended to all statutory duties as specified in the Indian Companies Act 2013 which was being performed by the Secretary( Administration). 


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