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Transmission Strategic Business Unit

Strategic Business Unit

The Transmission SBU oversees the construction, operation, and maintenance of Extra High Tension (EHT) substations and transmission lines, including those serving EHT consumers. This division is responsible for implementing programs to reduce transmission losses, coordinating system development activities, and maintaining control over load dispatch operations. It holds full responsibility for real-time management, protection systems, and communication systems, as well as activities such as scheduling generation, annual maintenance, importing power from independent power producers and central generating stations, and exporting power. Additionally, the Transmission SBU monitors daily system statistics, implements policies related to merit-order dispatch, plans communication networks, and coordinates activities under the system operation circles.

Heading the Transmission SBU is the Director of Transmission and System Operation. Reporting to the Director are four Chief Engineers and a Deputy Chief Engineer with the full powers of a Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineers and their respective areas of responsibility are as follows:

  1. Chief Engineer (Transmission – North)
  2. Chief Engineer (Transmission – South)
  3. Chief Engineer (Transmission – System Operation)
  4. Chief Engineer (Transgrid)
  5. Deputy Chief Engineer (Planning) with full powers of a Chief Engineer

The Northern Transmission Zone is managed by the Chief Engineer (Transmission – North), headquartered in Kozhikode. This zone comprises 5 Transmission Circles, 15 Divisions, and 59 Subdivisions.

The Southern Transmission Zone, led by the Chief Engineer (Transmission – South), has its headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram and includes 6 Transmission Circles, one Division-Pathanamthitta with ARU, 14 Divisions, and 81 Subdivisions.

System Operation, which is a separate function of the State Transmission Utility, is carried out by the Transmission SBU and is headed by the Chief Engineer (Transmission – System Operation). It is located at Kalamassery and encompasses 3 System Operation Circles in Thiruvananthapuram, Kalamaserry, and Kannur. This function includes 6 Divisions, 37 Subdivisions, and 17 Sections.

The implementation of Transgrid 2.0, a long-term transmission plan, is entrusted to the Chief Engineer-Transgrid with headquarters at Shoranur. This includes two Deputy Chief Engineers in the South and North regions, based in Kalamassery and Shoranur, who execute the works under Transgrid.

The Power System Engineering wing operates under the Transmission SBU and is responsible for conducting load flow studies using MiPower software to assess the feasibility of proposals for substation construction, upgradation, capacity enhancement, and power evacuation for new and existing projects. It also conducts short-circuit studies to determine the fault levels of substations in the grid and loss studies of transmission networks. This wing is also responsible for designing Earth Mat for substations and preparing transmission plans.

The Planning Wing, led by a Deputy Chief Engineer (Commercial and Planning), reports to the Director (Transmission, System Operation, and Planning) in matters related to planning functions. The wing's responsibilities include preparing plans, liaising with the Government on policies and corporate matters, monitoring plan progress, reporting to the Board of Directors, Government, and external agencies, publishing Annual Administration Reports and Power System Statistics, providing reports to State and Union Governments, and various agencies, and consolidating data for Economic Review and All India Electricity Statistics. Additionally, this wing provides input notes for Budget Speech, Governor's address, Governors' Conference, MPs' Conferences, Collectors' Conferences, Demand for Grants, and other relevant activities.


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