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"Nurturing Our Workforce: The Role of KSEBL's Personnel Department"

In the dynamic and people-centric realm of the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL), the Personnel Department stands as a dedicated entity responsible for nurturing and managing the company's most valuable asset - its employees. This department encompasses a wide array of functions, including Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare activities, which collectively contribute to the well-being and professional growth of the workforce. Led by a Personnel Officer, with support from a Regional Personnel Officer, here's an overview of the department's key responsibilities and activities:

1. Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare:

  • The Personnel Department plays a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining harmonious relations between the organization and its employees.
  • This involves formulating policies and norms related to employee transfers, conducting collective bargaining negotiations for wage and salary packages, and facilitating conciliations, arbitrations, and adjudications when disputes arise.
  • The department also manages the payment of compensations, focusing on the welfare of women and physically challenged employees, petty contractors, and contract workers.

2. Employee Welfare Fund Management:

  • The department takes charge of managing the Employee Welfare Fund, ensuring that the needs and well-being of employees are prioritized.
  • This includes initiatives to fix Dearness Allowance, implement the biometric attendance system, and administer the Employee Welfare Fund for the benefit of the workforce.

3. Specific Activities Carried Out:

  • During the reporting year, the Personnel Department has undertaken several significant initiatives and activities:
    • Framing norms for the general transfer of workmen and officers, contributing to a balanced and efficient workforce distribution.
    • Launching measures for the implementation of the Employees State Insurance Scheme (ESI) to extend health and insurance benefits to eligible employees engaged by KSEBL through contractors.
    • Conducting routine reviews of Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) representation among regular employees, ensuring inclusivity and diversity within the organization.
    • Proposing a revision of Travel Allowance (TA) and Daily Allowance (DA) rates for KSEBL employees, reflecting the commitment to employee well-being.
    • Introducing the Accident Relief Assistant Scheme for the year 2021 through the KSEBL Employee Welfare Fund (EWF), providing crucial support during times of unforeseen accidents.

In essence, the Personnel Department serves as the custodian of KSEBL's workforce, meticulously managing their rights, welfare, and professional growth. Through a combination of thoughtful policies, employee-centric initiatives, and the nurturing of positive industrial relations, the department plays a pivotal role in fostering a thriving and harmonious work environment within the organization.


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