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Efficient Administration and Coordination: The Role of the Board Secretariat at KSEBL

Introduction: Welcome to the Board Secretariat at KSEBL. As the coordinating wing for the administration of the Board, we play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient governance and adherence to legal protocols within the organization.

Leadership: At the forefront of our operations is the Secretary (Administration), who serves as the authorized representative of the Board for general administration and legal matters. They are vested with the authority to issue orders and sign Vakalaths (powers of attorney) on behalf of the Board of Directors. Assisting the Secretary is the Deputy Secretary (Administration). Additionally, the Resident Engineer (New Delhi) and the Assistant Engineer (Vehicle Monitoring Cell) report directly to the Secretary (Administration).

Key Functions of the Establishment Office-Secretary (Administration):

  1. Personnel Management: This office handles a range of personnel matters, including appointments, postings, transfers, leave approvals, and disciplinary actions involving senior officers.

  2. Coordination with Government Bodies: It engages in correspondence with the Public Service Commission and the Government regarding appointments and recruitments.

  3. Audit Oversight: The office is responsible for clearing audit discrepancies related to Board orders.

  4. Legislative Correspondence: It prepares and submits responses to inquiries from legislative bodies, including the Legislative Assembly, Rajya Sabha, and Lok Sabha, and compiles reports for various subject committees.

  5. Financial Accountability: The office is involved in rendering accounts for corporate offices.

Role of the Resident Engineer (New Delhi): The Resident Engineer, based in New Delhi, serves as a crucial link between the organization and Central Government ministries and agencies. Responsibilities include coordination, representation, and conducting cases before legal fora such as the Honorable Supreme Court, APTEL, and CERC. The Resident Engineer also acts as a protocol officer and inspection officer for material testing.

Vehicle Monitoring Cell: The Vehicle Monitoring Cell plays a significant role in managing the organization's vehicular assets. This includes the procurement of new vehicles, custody, maintenance, and operation of company vehicles, as well as the oversight of contract vehicles.

In conclusion, the Board Secretariat is the central hub for efficient coordination, administration, and legal compliance within KSEBL. We are dedicated to ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization, adhering to all statutory requirements, and facilitating transparent and effective governance. 


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