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Opportunity to revise your connected load at lower fees till December 31st December 2023.

Press Release

Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL) is committed to supplying power according to customers' requirements, putting in considerable effort to meet the rising demand. This year, there has been a notable increase in power consumption compared to the usual levels. The main factors contributing to this surge include a growing customer base, higher individual consumption, and existing customers adding additional electrical loads. It's important to note that KSEB is unable to accommodate these added loads without proper authorization, which could potentially strain the power grid, resulting in voltage fluctuations, shortages, and even grid failures.

In light of this situation, KSEB is offering customers an opportunity to voluntarily reduce their excess electrical load, and they are even waiving associated fees for this service. This opportunity is valid until December 31. It's worth noting that the Central Electricity Act explicitly deems unregulated excess load usage as a severe violation, subject to fines of up to double the electricity charges. Therefore, KSEB strongly advises customers to make use of this opportunity and carry out the necessary load reduction before the designated deadline.


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