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"Ensuring Integrity and Security: The Vigilance and Security Department at KSEBL"

Mission Statement: Welcome to the Vigilance and Security Department at KSEBL! Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of integrity, security, and efficiency within our organization. We are committed to transparency, fighting corruption, and ensuring compliance with the law.

Leadership: At the helm of our Vigilance and Security Wing is our esteemed Chief Vigilance Officer, who also serves as the Inspector General of Police on deputation from the Police Department. They report directly to the Chairman & Managing Director.

Our Wings: Under the guidance of the Chief Vigilance Officer, we have two essential wings:

1. Vigilance Wing:

  1. Our Vigilance Wing is dedicated to combating corruption and misconduct within [Your Organization's Name].
  2. We investigate complaints of misconduct, malpractices, irregularities, and corruption involving our officials.
  3. Additionally, we oversee security aspects related to our installations.

2. Anti Power Theft Squad (APTS):

  1. The APTS, under the supervision of the Chief Vigilance Officer, plays a pivotal role in tackling revenue losses due to theft, pilferage, and irregular energy usage.

Historical Perspective:

In 1970, recognizing the need for more effective vigilance measures, the Board established the position of Chief Vigilance Officer. This marked the inception of the Vigilance Wing, which was initially a division within the Board Secretariat under the direct control of the Chairman.

Key Milestones:

  1. January 21, 1970: Sri. T.K. Bhaskara Marar, a senior retired I.P.S officer and former Director of Vigilance investigation in Kerala state, assumed leadership of the Vigilance Division.
  2. August 1, 1971: Sri. K. Sreenivasa Rao, D.I.G. of Police, took charge as the Chief Vigilance and Security Officer. This expanded role encompassed security matters as well.
  3. November 1989: The Anti-Power Theft Squad (APTS) was established to address theft and pilferage issues.

Functions of the Vigilance Division:

  1. Investigation into complaints, misconduct, malpractices, and corruption.
  2. Conducting inquiries to determine if disciplinary proceedings should be initiated.
  3. Serving as an advisory body on disciplinary matters to the Board and sub-offices.
  4. Preparing Statements of Facts for legal cases involving the Chairman or Chief Vigilance Officer.


  1. Chief Vigilance Officer: Head of the Vigilance and Security Department.
  2. Technical Wing: Supported by an Executive Engineer and Assistant Executive Engineers.
  3. Police Personnel: Deputed from the Government of Kerala, including a Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintendents, Sub Inspector, and Civil Police Officers.

Anti Power Theft Squad (APTS):

  1. Headed by a Deputy Chief Engineer (Electrical) with headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram.
  2. Regional units in Thiruvananthapuram (Central) and Kozhikode (North).
  3. Each unit comprises Assistant Executive Engineers, Assistant Engineers, Sub Engineers, Linemen, and Police personnel.

APTS Responsibilities:

  1. Systematic collection of information on power theft.
  2. Initiating actions based on power theft complaints.
  3. Maintaining close collaboration with local law enforcement for thorough investigations and prosecutions.
  4. Monitoring the progress of power theft cases through the legal process.

The Vigilance and Security Department is also entrusted with the critical responsibility of safeguarding the security of our vital installations.


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