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Planning Department

The primary functions of this organization encompass a wide range of strategic activities aimed at ensuring the efficient and sustainable development of the power sector.

  1. Strategic Planning: The team is dedicated to the meticulous preparation of Annual Plans, Five-Year Plans, and Perspective Plans. These blueprints serve as the guiding framework for the organization's growth and evolution.

  2. Government Collaboration: They actively engage in building strong liaisons with government authorities to shape policies and address corporate matters. This collaborative effort ensures that the organization remains aligned with the broader national agenda.

  3. Resource Management: A crucial aspect of their work involves handling matters related to power allocations for Central Generating Stations and the allocation of coal blocks. This ensures the equitable and efficient distribution of critical resources.

  4. Infrastructure Expansion: They play a pivotal role in the development of new thermal and renewable energy plants. These projects are vital in meeting the growing energy demands and transitioning towards sustainable energy sources.

  5. Progress Monitoring and Reporting: A dedicated monitoring and reporting system is in place to track the progress of plans. Regular updates are provided to internal stakeholders, the Board of Directors, government bodies, and external agencies to ensure transparency and accountability.

  6. Comprehensive Reporting: The organization is committed to submitting a wide array of reports to various stakeholders. This includes reports to the Board of Directors, government entities, and external agencies, facilitating informed decision-making at all levels.

  7. Information Dissemination: They make a conscious effort to publish Annual Reports and Power System Statistics. These publications serve as valuable resources for stakeholders and the public, offering insights into the organization's performance and the state of the power system.

In summary, this organization's multifaceted functions are geared towards fostering sustainable growth, ensuring effective resource management, and maintaining transparency and accountability in the power sector. Their commitment to strategic planning, collaboration, and information sharing underscores their dedication to meeting the nation's energy needs efficiently and responsibly.


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