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Board Orders

247/2024 (CE(SCM)/XD1-AE2/PO19/SBEE Cables/Delivery schedule extension)

Supply of 862 km HT ABC of size 3X120+Insulated Messenger 1X95 sq.mm HT ABC-Request of M/s.SBEE Cables(India) Ltd to extend the delivery schedule - Sanctioned

Date: 2024-05-22

238/2024 (DGC/AEE II/PRICE/2024)

PRICE Software version 3.0 in KSEBL - Appointing master coordinator -Sanctioned-Orders issued

Date: 2024-05-17

231/2024 (DGC/AEEIV/Dam Safety/Staff/2022-Part (2))

DRIP II - Hiring an Environmental Specialist in SPMU on contract basis, to assist in Environment Studies, and implementation of Environmental

Date: 2024-05-14

225 /2024 (DGC/AEE II/Sengulam Penstock/2024)

Execution of rectification/replacement of Penstock, Butterfly valves, Gate valves & allied works of Sengulam HE Project- Request for time extension up to 31.03.2024

Date: 2024-05-10

226 /2024 (DGE/G2/AEE3/Tender modifications/2024-25)

Review and Refinement of General Conditions of Contract and Pre-Qualification conditions applied to Electro mechanical works of Hydro projects (Balance items)

Date: 2024-05-10

216 /2024 [(T&SO)/T4/Power Crisis/2024-25]

Power crisis - Efforts to manage peak demand - Proposal for running two diesel generator units of KDPP for 3 hours in a day during May 2024

Date: 2024-05-10

220/2024 (DGE/G2/AEE3/THEP/2023 - Part (2))

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of firefighting systems at Thottiyar 40(1x10+1x30) MW Hydro Electric Project - Request for time extension

Date: 2024-05-10

229 /2024 (DGE/G2/AEE3/ Pazhassi Sagar/2023)

Execution of E&M works of Pazhassi Sagar Small Hydro Electric Project (3x2.5MW) - Storage space for E&M equipment - Revision of storage period

Date: 2024-05-10


Transportation, loading & unloading of raw materials for fabrication works from suppliers and transportation, loading and unloading of finished line materials

Date: 2024-05-10

221/2024 (DIRTSO-AE5/NSIP III/2024)

TransGrid 2.0 - North South Interlink package III - Upgradation of 66kV Aluva-Chalakkudy Double Circuit line to 110kV DC line - Administrative Sanction accorded

Date: 2024-05-10

218 /2024(CEIT/RITU/KFON/OFFICERS /2024-25)

KFON Project-Deputation of Officers-Effecting the change from KSITIL to KFON Ltd-Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2024-05-10

212 /2024 [D(T&SO)/T4/SO/OpticFibreLeasing/2024-25]

Leasing of OPGW dark fibres of KSEBL to various agencies - Extension of lease agreement -Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2024-05-07

214 /2024 (DGE/G1/KDPP License/2024-25)

KDPP- Renewal of integrated licence of Kerala state pollution control Board (KPCB) Sanction request - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2024-05-07

207 /2024 [D(T&SO)/T2/Lulu/2024-25]

Providing connectivity at 33kV voltage level to an extent of 12 MVA to M/s LULU Mall, Aakkulam on work deposit basis - Revised Administrative - Sanction Accorded

Date: 2024-05-06

211 /2024 (DGE/G2/AEE3/GCC-E&M/2024 - Part (1))

Review and refinement of General Conditions of Contract and Pre-Qualification conditions applied to Electro mechanical works of Hydro projects - Sanctioned

Date: 2024-05-06

205 / 2024 (XD/AE3/SCM.38/2023-24)

Supply of 11 kV/433 V, 315 kVA & 500kVA BEE Energy Efficiency Level 1 (1 star) Distribution Transformers with ISI marking

Date: 2024-05-06

206 / 2024 (DGE/G2/AEE3/THEP/2023-Part (3))

Supply of one set of 11kV Isolated Phase Bus Duct (IPBD) and one set of 11kV Segregated Phase Bus Duct (SPBD) for 40 (1x10+1x30) MW Thottiyar HEP

Date: 2024-05-06

208 /2024 [ D(T,SO&P)/T1/Filter Plant/CETN/24-25]

Purchase of one mobile transformer filtration plant of capacity 6000 LPH as additional order to the existing contract with M/s CEE DEE Vacuum Equipments Pvt Ltd

Date: 2024-05-06

200 /2024 (LAIV/8483/2016)

Conduct of Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd's cases before the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala - Appointment of Standing Counsel - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2024-05-04

199 /2024 (LAIV(GEN)/3838/2024)

Conduct of Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd's cases before the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and other Quasi - judicial fora at New Delhi

Date: 2024-05-04

198/2024 (KSEBL/SEC/ESTT/178/2024-S1)

Request for Special Leave/Special Disability Leave in respect of Sri.Prakasan.A.V [Emp Code:1047692] Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical)

Date: 2024-05-03

197/2024(XD/SCM/AEI/METER GENERAL/2023-24)

Procurement of various Energy Meters -S' Mark Certification - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2024-05-02

195/2024 [DIRTSO/AE4/PKD-KZK Green field Highway]

Handing over 0.4663 Ha of KSEBL land from the compound of 110kV Substation Malampuzha to NHAI

Date: 2024-05-02

191/2024 (DGC/AEE-II/Pumped Storage/2022)

Implementation of Pumped Storage Projects(PSPs) - Seeking in Principle approval from Government -Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2024-04-29

190/2024 (KSEBL/TRAC-R1/solar Penetration)

Formation of Committee for studying the impact of soaring solar penetration on the grid -Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2024-04-29

188/2024 (KSEBL/SEC/Estt/173/E17991/2023)

Establishment - Wrong application of Multiplication Factor - M/s Nandanam Cashew Traders (ConsNo 1145851017177) of Electrical Section Perumpuzha

Date: 2024-04-29

193/ 2024(Vig/B7/ 100-600/2016)/1143

Disciplinary action against Sri. Agimon P.T, (Employee code: 1058311), former Sub Engineer, Electrical Section, Chithirapuram - Review petition -disposed

Date: 2024-04-29

182/2024 (KSEB/TRAC/AEE3/CGRF-23/2023-24)

CGRF Regulations 2023 - Appointing of IGRC authorities and Development of related IT works - Implementation of the new regulations - Sanctioned

Date: 2024-04-27

183/2024 (PS-ST1/2023/1921)

Order is issued in implementation of the order issued by the Government of Kerala re-regulating the working hours of part-time contingent service employees

Date: 2024-04-27

185/2024 (DGC/AEEIII/Thottiyar/2014)

Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project (40MW) - Execution of Balance Civil and Hydro Mechanical works of Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project (40 MW/ 99 MU)

Date: 2024-04-27

184/2024 (DGE/G2/AEE3/THEP/2024-25)

Erection of supplied Electro Hydro Mechanical equipment in power house of Thottiyar 40(1x10+1x30) MW HEP - Request for time extension - Sanctioned

Date: 2024-04-27

168/2024 (DGE/G2/AEE3/Flovel issues - Vilanad - Vellathooval - Perunthenaruvi/2024)

Issues pertaining to the execution of Electro Hydro Mechanical works of Vilangad SHEP (3x2.5 MW), Vellathooval SHEP (2x1.8 MW)

Date: 2024-04-22

163 /2024 (SOR/AMU VI/HTB 27//14/3393/OTS 2023)

Settlement of current charge arrears of M/s Idea Communications Pvt. Ltd (LCN27/3393) under OTS Scheme 2023 - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2024-04-22

157/2024 (SCM/SS/AEE6/101/2015-16/I/8075/2023I/22888/2024)

Supply of 12 Nos. of 400 kV Current transformers (under PSDF Scheme) by M/s.Toshiba Transmission & Distribution systems (India) Pvt. Limited, Telengana

Date: 2024-04-22

158/2024 (DIRTSO-AE1/Veh/Kozhikode/24-25)

Hiring a lorry of capacity 5 Ton and above on contract basis for the use of Transmission Circle,Kozhikode - Request for enhancement of monthly ceiling limit

Date: 2024-04-22

162/2024 (DTSO/T4/Elanad/2024-25)

Construction of 33kV RMU Substation at Elanad in Thrissur district in the land owned by Pazhayannur Block Panchayath - Taking over the land on lease basis

Date: 2024-04-22

177 /2024 [D(T&SO)/T2/ALP TC Section/24-25]

Shifting and renaming of Transmission Construction Section, Kannanalloor under Transmission Circle, Kottarakkara as Transmission Construction Section, Mannar

Date: 2024-04-22

174/2024 (DGE/G2/AEE3/THEP/2023-Part (1)

Outstanding issues in Projects-Thottiyar 40 (1x10+1x30) MW HEP - (Item1) -Price variation request from the Supplier - M/s. TELK and (Item-2)

Date: 2024-04-22

166/2024 ( AE3/2023/5160)

Fairy Moss Private Limited, Thumbachal, Thiruvambady, Kozhikode- Request for remitting the estimated amount in instalments - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2024-04-22

154/2024 (CE(SCM)/XH-AEE4/2023-24/ACSR)

Tender for Procurement of ACSR Rabbit & Raccoon Conductors - Modification in General conditions in the bidding document

Date: 2024-04-16
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