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Board Orders


Chinnar Small Hydro Electric Project (24MW-76.45 Mu) - Phase II - Construction of Power House, Valve House, Tail race, Switch yard

Date: 2023-06-12

300/2023(DGC/AEEII/Pumped storage/2022)

Development of Hydro Projects & Pumped Back Storage Schemes - Draft MoU between KSEBL and Government of Kerala

Date: 2023-06-12


Construction of Store cum office building at Poozhithode SHEP - Single tender

Date: 2023-06-09


Order issued regarding non-fatal electric shock on 30.05.2021 - relief financial assistance to Mr. Jose Michael

Date: 2023-06-07

293/2023 (SOR/AMU 6/HTB 27/3251 & 27/3252 /2023-24)

M/s. Prince Rolling (P) Ltd. (LCN 27/3251) & Prince Alloys (P) Ltd. (LCN 27/3252) amount remitted - judgment dated 23.10.2018 in WA No.1699/2016

Date: 2023-06-07

288/2023 (KSEB/TRAC/FO/Truing up 2020-21/APTEL)

Appeal against KSERC orders on Truing up of KSEBL for the period from 2017-18 to 2020-21 before Hon'ble APTEL

Date: 2023-05-31

287/2023 (No.CML-EE-2-AEE-2/CE(C&T)/Kzktu-SHEP/2023-24)

Kozhiyilakuthu -1.5 MW Small Hydro Electric Project -Purchase of Power - Issuing Letter of Comfort for allotted capacity of I.5MW

Date: 2023-05-31


Increase in the authorized and paid up capital of KFON Ltd

Date: 2023-05-27


Erection of supplied Electro Hydro Mechanical equipment in Power house of Thottiyar (1x10+1x30) MW HEP - Request for time extension of contract

Date: 2023-05-26


Revamping the HT / EHT Billing application ‘Enrgise’ - PAC Amount - Administrative Sanction - Approved

Date: 2023-05-24

276/2023 (LAW I/5220/2022)

Appeal No.23 /2021 before the Kerala State Electricity Appellate Authority - Filed by Sri. Nijith. R, Manager, M/s Five Star Granites, lritty

Date: 2023-05-24

273/2023(DGC/AEE I/CC Store Kakkayam/2022)

Disposal of steel item - Circle Store, Kakkayam - Survey Reporting

Date: 2023-05-24


Thottiyar HE Project (40 MW) - Land Acquisition - Land Value / Exgratia fixed by the Purchase Committee

Date: 2023-05-22


Sengulam Augmentation Scheme (85 Mu) - Construction of a concrete gravity weir across Western Kallar, Intake arrangements, Diversion Tunnel, Exit Channel

Date: 2023-05-22


Execution of Electro and Hydro mechanical works of Peruvannamuzhy (2x 3MW) SHEP - Time extention for the period of the Contract

Date: 2023-05-22

266/2023 (CSC/AE2/MIDEA/2022-23)

MIDEA - Institutionalize various activities and identification of innovative and pilot projects in a systematic manner for the evaluation

Date: 2023-05-20


Formation of Transmission Construction Subdivision, Kattappana under Transmission Circle, Thodupuzha for executing Transgrid downstream works

Date: 2023-05-20

260/2023 (No:PC/SCM/Tender/PSC Poles/2019-20/S,C,N&NM)

Manufacture and supply of 9m PSC poles to 23 Electrical Circles under Southern, Central, Northern and North Malabar Regions for a period of 2 years

Date: 2023-05-19

262/2023 (CE/REES/1.25MWp Kanjikode/2023-24

Appointment of EPC contractor for design as per site conditions, erection, testing & commissionig of Grid Tied Griound Mounted Solar PV Power plants

Date: 2023-05-19


Providing Ambulance facility at Sholayar HEP(3x18MW)-Purchase of Ambulance -Non-AC B-type/P/S,ABS,BS VI(WB-3350)

Date: 2023-05-19

263/2023(DGE/G3/Jalajeevan mission veliyamattom - NOC)

IHEP- Land Transfer & NOC for providing water storage and supply facility - Veliyamattom- Jaljeevan Mission Arakkulam

Date: 2023-05-19


Pilot Scheme II of MoP, GoI -Procurement of 270MW RTC power through PTC, the Aggregator appointed by MoP, on medium term basis from January to June

Date: 2023-05-17


Pallivasal Extension Scheme HEP - Erection of supplied E&M Equipment and supply and erection of BOP equipment

Date: 2023-05-17


TransGrid 2.0 - Inauguration of 220 kV Substation, Thalassery - Expenditure

Date: 2023-05-17


One Time Settlement Scheme (OTS-2023) - Proposal to KSERC

Date: 2023-05-16

246/2023(DIRDITSCM/Cable Fault Locator/2022-23)

Procurement of new advanced vehicle mounted cable fault locator- Meggar STX40, for RMU & Cable Sub Division, Kozhikode for the use at Northern Region

Date: 2023-05-16


Providing bus bar protection to 110 kV bus of major substations of KSEBL - Revision in estimate

Date: 2023-05-16

244/2023 (Estt.II/1869/2023)

Establishment - Compassionate Employment Scheme - Appointment of dependants of KSEBL employees who die-in-harness-Select List for 03/2023-Approved

Date: 2023-05-15

243/2023(DGC/AEE VI/Design Clinic/2022)

Cost Effective Design of Hydro Projects - Entrusting Design Vetting through M/s NHPC - Execution of MoU

Date: 2023-05-15


Commissioning of new 400kV Substation at Kottayam - Posting of sufficient number of experienced staff

Date: 2023-05-15

240/2023 (Soura -Bank guarantee/2023-24/TVPM)

M/s TATA POWER SOLAR Ltd - Reducing Performance Bank Guarantee -to actual EPC order

Date: 2023-05-12


Short Term Tender invited through the DEEP portal as per MoP guidelines on 28.03.2023, for meeting the power deficit during peak hours of May 2023

Date: 2023-05-12


Civil Appeal No.9252-9253/2022 & connected cases before the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India - Payment of advocate fee

Date: 2023-05-11

235/2023 (GBII/Gen/Shajikumar/HRM/23-24)

Delay in submitting Medical Reimbursement Bill in respect of Sri. Shaji Kumar J, Employee Code 1066022, Lineman Gr. I , Electrical Section Alathiyoor

Date: 2023-05-11

234/2023(KSEB/CE (REES)/Wind- Ramakkalmedu/2015-16)

Grid Connectivity for 1X250kW Wind Plant at Anakkaramettu Road, Parathodu Village, Idukki District- Application submitted by M/s.Greenland Paper Mills Ltd.

Date: 2023-05-11


Implementation of RDSS SCADA/DMS Project- Construction of Control Center buildings

Date: 2023-05-10

229/2023(DIRDIT-AE2/Utility Shifting /2022-23/001)

Shifting of utilities in connection with road widening works of National Highway 66 along Kapprikkad to Edappally stretch under Electrical Circle, Thrissur

Date: 2023-05-06


Posting of officers and staff at 110kV Substation KINFRA Park Mattannur

Date: 2023-05-06


Selection of Multiple Service provider for push based SMS Gateway Services- Exemption of furnishing EMD by M/s. BSNL

Date: 2023-05-06

279 /2023(DIRDIT-AE2/Minister General/2023/150)

Sanction for providing new HT connection to Kayamkulam Taluk Hospital, Kayamkulam Municipality having electricity charge arrears - ratified

Date: 2023-05-06
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