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Board Orders


Periodical surrender of Earned Leave - Adoption of G.O. - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2023-02-01

42 / 2023 (DGE/G3/ Sholayar SD / 2022-23)

Sholayar HEP- Annual Maintenance of U 1 generator - Total shutdown from 01.02.2023 to 20-02.2023-Sanction accorded - Orders issued

Date: 2023-02-01

46/2023 (KSEB/CE/(REES)/ E-Mobility/2022-23)

Setting up of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on work deposit basis - lnviting EoI - sanction accorded - Orders issued

Date: 2023-02-01


Supply of Additional 25% devices on original Purchase Order of 728 Nos. Spot Billing Machines (SBM) with Warranty for 5 Years and continued extended warranty

Date: 2023-01-28


KFON Project - Replacing of 24F in Edappon Kundara existing OPGW with 48F OPGW under KFON Project - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-27

34 /2023(DIRDITSCM/AEE3/PH/Pulamanthol/2022-23)

Concession for disabled person - Consumer No.1165642014244 under Electrical Section Pulamanthole - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-27

33 /2023(Trg Cal/TNA DoT/22-23)

Capacity building-Developing a team of 'Training Design Consultants' for Training Need Analvsis and Design of Training in KSEBL - Sanction accorded- Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-27

28/2023(Fin 2(B)/UBI/OD- WCDL/IB/2022-23)

Renewal of Existing FBWC limit of Rs 200.00 Crore from M/s Union Bank of India -Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-25

30/2023 (Soura/NewTender-Model III/22-23/TVPM)

lmplementation of Roof Top Solar Plants in Non subsidy Phase I Soura Project under Model lll for different category consumers

Date: 2023-01-25


Deposit works in favour of M/s KMRL for raising the height of EHT lines crossing the Kochi Metro Phase II alignment - Revised estimate and to invite tenders for the work

Date: 2023-01-20


Expression of Interest (EOI) for additional empanelment of contractors for execution of EHV substations under TransGrid 2.0 projects

Date: 2023-01-20

22/2023(D(T&SO)/T7/Land Nirmala city/2022-23)

TransGrid 2.0 - Implementation of Ramakkalmedu Green Energy Corridor project -Construction of 220 /110kV GIS at Nirmala City - Proposal for land acquisition under LARR Act

Date: 2023-01-17


TransGrid 2.0 - 220 kV downstream works of 400 kV Substation, Karindalam (Kasaragod) - Administrative Santion accorded - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-17


Android Spot Billing Machine with POS functions - Pilot project - YES Bank - Sanction for execution - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-11

18 /2023 (CE(SCM)/XM-AE17/eP.03/22-23/Computer and its Accessories)

Supply, Commissioning and Installation of Computer and its Accessories- Procurement through CPRCS/GeM-Orders lssued

Date: 2023-01-11


Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) - Revised phasing of consumers for Implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in KSEBL - Sanctioned

Date: 2023-01-10

13/2023 (CE(SCM)/XH-AEEIV/2021-22/SCM.15/ACSR Conductor/ Mahavir)

Purchase order for the supply of ACSR Rabbit Conductors - Extension of delivery schedule requested by M/s.Mahavir Transmission Limited, Noida - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-09

12/2023(DGE/G3/PNR-centrifugal pump)

Purchasing of Centrifugal filtering machine with Trolley, Feed discharge pump, Heater and control panel for the filtration of ISO VG-46 lubricating oil for utilizing at Panniar HEP

Date: 2023-01-06


Implementation of 50 MW Floating Solar Project at West Kallada under UMREPP of MNRE by NHPC — Intimating Levelised tariff - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-05


TransGrid 2.0 - Construction of 220kV Substation, lrinjalakuda - Remittance of 6.25 Crores towards cost of purchase of 0.8067 Ha of land - Sanction accorded - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-05

9/2023(DGE/G3/General-PLB single factory)/1013

Poringalkuthu HEP - Declaring two or more factories as a single factory - Obtaining Government approval - Sanction accorded- Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-05

10/2023(DGE/G3/Idamalayar Crane)/1014

Idamalayar HEP - Procurement of Multi Activity Crane having 21 meter (69 feet) height with man lift for using at ldamalayar Power Station - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-05

1/2023(No.DGC/AEE IV/VLGD/2014)

Vilangad Small Hydro Electric Project - Remittance of balance establishment charge - Sanctioned - Orders lssued

Date: 2023-01-04


Mankulam Hydro Electric Project (40 MW) - Paying the cost towards the value of trees at the leased forest land - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2023-01-04


Mankulam Hydro Electric Project - Laying of Optical Fiber Cable to Kuratikudi Tribal Village from Perumbankut to Kurathikkudi through Powerhouse Road in the Leased Forest Land

Date: 2023-01-04


Activities of the Energy Manager - Conduct of annual energy audit and periodic energy accounting of Kerala State Electricity Board Limited and associated activities

Date: 2022-12-30


Mankulam HEP (40MW) - Shopping Complex - Allottment of shops - Revision of Rent -Sanctioned - Order issued

Date: 2022-12-24


Chinnar Small Hydro Electric Project (24MW -76.45 Mu) - Phase ll Work on Construction of Power House, Valve House, Tailrace and Switch Yard

Date: 2022-12-24

973/2022 (Estt.II/7102/2022)

Establishment - Compassionate Employment Scheme - Appointment of dependants of KSEBL employees who die-in-harness - Select List for 11/2022 - Approrved

Date: 2022-12-24


Procurement of ETAP Automation and PLS-CADD software for the Project Execution team under Trans Grid - Sanction accorded - Orders issued

Date: 2022-12-23


Shut down of Sengulam Power House for execution of rectification/ replacement of penstocks of Sengulam HEP - Arranging the Rehabilitation works by the Dam Safety Wing

Date: 2022-12-21


Establishment - Reckoning of past service rendered by KSEB Employees in Central/State Govt. Organization - Method of calculation of Pro - rata pension liability - Revised

Date: 2022-12-21


Inter State Short Term Open Access by Mls Philips Carbon Black for collective transactions in power exchange - Request for open access for capacity of 7 MW additionally added

Date: 2022-12-19

963 /2022 (NPS (GL)/G.O.Adoption/22-23/1213)

National Pension System in KSEB Limited - Adoption of Government Orders- Enrollment of Employees in NPS who were appointed on supernumerary posts

Date: 2022-12-15

959 /2022 (PS 1 (A)/OLGT 2022/Protection)

General Transfer of Officers- Orders of modification in conditions for giving protection to the Office bearers of Associations of Officers - Rescinded

Date: 2022-12-14


Execution of Chinnar SHEP (24MW/76.45Mu) - Civil Works (Phase-I) - Contract with M/s. Paulose George Construction and M/s. Aryacon Engineers Consortium

Date: 2022-12-13


Tariff order dated 25 06.2022 issued by KSERC on the MYT petition filed by KSEBL for the control period from 2022-23 to 2026-27 - Adoption- Sanction acccrded - Orders issued

Date: 2022-12-13


Effecting service connections to the sales outlet bunks of Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation Ltd (KEPCO) without insisting for ownership documents -Sanctioned

Date: 2022-12-12

951/2022 (KSEB/CE/REES)/ Wind 100MW/2021-22)

Request for selection of Wind Power Developers for Setting up of 100MW Grid-Connected Wind Power Projects in Kerala under Tariff based competitive Bidding

Date: 2022-12-09

952/2022D(T,SO,P&S)/T7/land transfer/Koppam/22-23)

Transferring 15.44 cents of land from the compound of 110kV Substation, Koppam to Distribution wing for the construction of Electrical Section Office, Koppam

Date: 2022-12-09
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