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Board Orders


Mankulam Hydro Electric Project (40 MW) - Execution of Civil Works - Utilizing Land / Yard Facilities at Valara

Date: 2023-03-31

164/2023(ITCU/Life Certificate/2022-23)

Implementation of Jeevan Praman - Life certificate for KSEBL Pensioners

Date: 2023-03-31


Execution of rectification/replacement of penstocks, butterfly valves, gate valves and allied works of Sengulam HEP - Time extension

Date: 2023-03-31

175/2023 (SCM/XM/Tech Committee Distn/2022-23)

Reconstitution of 'Technical Specification and Evaluation Committee for Distribution items'

Date: 2023-03-31


Design, Erection, Testing & commissioning of Grid tied Ground mounted solar PV Power plants at Brahmapuram, Kanjikode and Agali owned by KSEBL

Date: 2023-03-31

176/2023 [PS1(A)/OLGT-2023/GL for Higher Level Officers]

Guidelines for Online General Transfer of the Higher Level Officers - Approved

Date: 2023-03-31

170/2023(DGC/AEEV/PES-Balance works/2018)

Pallivasal Extension Scheme (2x30 MW) - Balance Civil Works of Tunnel, Surge Shaft, Pressure Shaft, Penstock, Power House and Allied Works

Date: 2023-03-31

156/2023 (CE(SCM)/XH-AE1/2022-23/2.5sq.mm & 6 Sq.mmWP /Bhadora)

WP(C) No. 5276/2023 filed by M/s. Bhadora Industries Pvt. Ltd challenging the act on the part of KSEBL passing the Board order dated 03.12.2022

Date: 2023-03-27


Sengulam Augmentation Scheme (85 Mu) - Formation of Standing Technical Committee

Date: 2023-03-25


Advanced training program conducted on SAS & DlGSl 5 Engineering Tool at Siemens Power Academy, Goa for the officers of KSÉBL - Effecting payment from KSEBL fund

Date: 2023-03-25


Implementation of North Green Corridor project - Construction of 400kV Substation, Payyampally - Land to be acquired through LARR Act

Date: 2023-03-25


TransGrid 2.0 - GIS package II - Construction of 400kV GIS, Kottayam - Contract with M/s Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems India Pvt Ltd.

Date: 2023-03-25


Thottiyar HEP- Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Governor, Excitation, DCS and Protection panels - Request for time extension

Date: 2023-03-25


Commissioning of Poringalkuthu SHEP (1x24MW) - Good Service Entry - Appreciation

Date: 2023-03-25


KSERC Order dated 23.2.2023 on APPC of KSEBL - Implementing KSERC order

Date: 2023-03-23


PES & THEP - Supply, Laying, Testing and Commissioning of 220 kV, 800 sq.mm XLPE, underground cable for power evacuation from PES HEP and 220 kV, 500 sq.mm XLPE

Date: 2023-03-23

143/2023 (No.CML-EE-2-AEE-2/CE(C&T)/Mukkudam-SHEP/2022-23)

Mukkudam 4 MW SHEP by M/ s Mukkudam Electro Energy Pvt Ltd- Approving and initialling Modified draft PPA

Date: 2023-03-23


Execution of Balance Civil & Hydro Mechanical Works of Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project -Contract with M/s.P&R INFRA Projects Ltd. & M/s. Shri Saravana Industries Pvt Ltd.

Date: 2023-03-21


Construction of 110 kV Substation at Murikkassery and 5.5 km 110kV DC line

Date: 2023-03-21


100 MW Solar Park at Cheemeni - Commitment of KSEBL to purchase 100% power from the project

Date: 2023-03-21

137/2023 (CE(SCM)/XH-AE3/2022-23/ACSR conductor/eP.34)

Purchase of 12500 km of XLPE insulated ACSR Rabbit Conductor - Finalization of Tender

Date: 2023-03-18

138/2023 (XD/AE1/SCM/eP19/2022-23)

Procurement of LT Aerial Bunched Cables of various Srzes - Placing Purchase Order

Date: 2023-03-18

136/2023 (Estt.II/963/2023)

Establishment - Compassionate Employment Scheme — Appointment of dependants of KSEBL employees who die-in-harness — Select List for 01/2023 - Approved

Date: 2023-03-17


Barapole SHEP (15MW) - Remedial measures for power canal of Barapole SHEP - lmplementation of recommendation of IIT Roorkee - Providing filter arrangement

Date: 2023-03-16

131/2023 (FA/AA/Limited review/2022-23)

Ministry of Power - Directions to State DISCOMS on model corporate governance Limited review on quarterly basis - Quarterly accounts- approved

Date: 2023-03-16

130/2023 (FA/AA/Audit Qualification-Depreciation/2022-23)

Audit qualification of Statutory Auditors for the Financial Year 2021-22- providing depreciation during 2022-23

Date: 2023-03-16

128/2023 (CE(SCM)/XH-AEE4/2022-23/ACSR conductor/eP.32)

Purchase of ACSR Raccoon & Rabbit Conductors - Finalisation of Tender

Date: 2023-03-14


Execution of Electro Mechanical works of Olikkal SHEP (2x2.5MW) & Poovaramthode SHEP (2x1.5MW} - Award of work

Date: 2023-03-14


Peruvannamuzhy SHEP (2x3MW) - Requirement of Operating & Maintenance staff in Power House

Date: 2023-03-13

121/2023(DGC/AEE IV/Dam Safety/DRIP Works/2022)

DRIP ll - SGHEP - Construction of Box Culvert in the access road to control shaft of Pamba dam - Awarding work to the single bidder

Date: 2023-03-10

122/2023(No. DGC/AEE-III/FS/2015)

Permission for Set Preparation for Film Shooting at Locations under KSEBL Possession -Additional Fee and Security Deposit for Days of Preliminary Activities

Date: 2023-03-10

119/2023 [LAII.5014/2018]

Arbitration Case No. 76/ 2019 before the Court of the Additional District Judge (Commercial) Dehradun, Uttarakhand Filed by M/ s Mahavir Transmission Ltd -Conduct of case

Date: 2023-03-09

118/2023(Fin2(B)/IB/Federal Bank/OD/WCDL/2022-23)

Renewal of credit facilities from M/s Federal bank

Date: 2023-03-09

120/2023 (GBII/Gen/Cataract/HRM/22-23)

Rates for cataract surgery and implants followed by State health Agency for reimbursement of medical claims — Adopted in KSEBL

Date: 2023-03-09

116/2023(DGC/AEE V/PES/General/2021)

Pallivasal Extension Scheme (2x30MW) - Repair work of the road to Surge Shaft of Pallivasal Extension Scheme

Date: 2023-03-08

114/2023(D(T,SO,P&S)/T1/Material/Transformer Oil/22-23)

Procurement of Transformer oil- Arranging purchase from oil companies both PSUs and Private, having own refineries- Entrusting Chief Engineer (SCM) to arrange the purchase

Date: 2023-03-08

117/2023(CE/SCM/XC/AE3/PSC Poles/8m/2021-22)

Manufacture and Supply of 8m/200kg PSC poles for the Electrical Circles under Southern, Central, Northern and North Malabar Regions for a period of 2 years

Date: 2023-03-08


Revamping of Consultancy Wing, KSEBL

Date: 2023-03-06

110/2023 (Estt.II/4322/2022)

Establishment — Compassionate Employment Scheme — Selection of Sri. Abhiram M P as Office Attendant II in Select List for 09/2020

Date: 2023-03-06

108/2023 (LAS.I/4551/2022)

Compliance of the Common Judgment dated 03.06.2022 of the Hon'ble High Coutt of Kerala in WPC No.11449/202I filed by Sri. Rajesh. S and others and WP (C) No.21293/2022

Date: 2023-03-06
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