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Board Orders


Implementation of SCADA Project under RDSS - Formation of Pre- Qualification / Bid evaluation committee and Technical Committee

Date: 2023-05-04

225/2023/CE(REES)/AEE 8/West Kallada FS/22-23

Implementation of 50 MW Floating Solar Project at West Kallada under UMREPP of MNRE by NHPC— cancellation of lease deed

Date: 2023-05-04


Establishment - Leave Without Allowance (LWA) for Employment/joining Spouse/Study purpose (Within India or abroad) for workmen and officers of KSEBL

Date: 2023-05-03

220/2023(DGC/AEE IV/Dam Safety/Staff/2022)

DRIP II - Hiring an Environmental Specialist in SPMU on contract basis to assist in Environment Studies and Implementation of Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)

Date: 2023-05-03

221/2023(No. DGC/AEEIV/PORGL/2014)

Poringalkuthu SHEP (1x24 MW) - Operation and Maintenance of the project components

Date: 2023-05-03

222/2023(DGC/AEE IV/Apartment for Directors/2022)

Hiring of residential apartments for the accommodation of Directors of KSEB Ltd.- Renewal of rental agreement

Date: 2023-05-03


Handing over of 0.4125 Are of KSEBL land at 110 kV Substation, Koodal to KRFB for widening of Anayadi-Koodal road

Date: 2023-04-29


Hiring a jeep/equivalent vehicle above 1500 CC with driver for the use of Communication Section, Moozhiyar for a period of three months every year

Date: 2023-04-29

215/2023(DGC/AEE V/Forest/2014)

Diversion of 0.7945 Ha. of forest land for laying 220KV Double circuit line from Thottitar Hydro Electric Power to 220 KV LP Madakkathara line for evacuating of power -Forest Clearance

Date: 2023-04-29

218 (CSC/AE2/Zero accident/2022-23)

Recognize and to appreciate the zero accident Section, Sub Division, and Division Offices-2022

Date: 2023-04-29

211/2023(KSEB/SCM/XM/AE(A)/2022-23/Purchase Plan 23-24)

Procurement of Distribution, Transmission & Generation Materials for the year 2023-24- Approval of Revised consolidated Purchase Plan

Date: 2023-04-28


Capacity Building Policy of Kerala State Electricity Board Limited-Approved

Date: 2023-04-25

207/2023 (PSI/2617/PR/Anomaly/2022)

Modification of Rules for method of appointment of Sub Engineer (Ele) - Promotion against 60% quota between Meter Reader & Overseer as 10:50

Date: 2023-04-25

199/2023 (Estt.IV/6848/2022)

Establishment - Reckoning of prior service rendered elsewhere by the Board employees for pensionary benefits- Modification of Board Order

Date: 2023-04-13

195/2023(DIRDIT-AE2/Utility Shifting/2022-23/002)

Shifting of utilities in connection with the construction of 6 lane Elevated Highway along with the development of existing 4 lane road at ground level from Aroor to Thuravoor

Date: 2023-04-13

198/2023(DIRDIT-AE2/Works /2022/006)

Execution of work for laying 5.2km 11kV UG cable, 5 km LT ABC with 100 LED streetlight installation, installing 84 nos. RMU along with dismantling of existing HT/LT OH line

Date: 2023-04-13


Disciplinary actions involving Defalcation of Board’s money — Detailed enquiry by LA&DEO — Amendment to authorize the Chairman & Managing Director

Date: 2023-04-13

202/2023(DIRDIT-AE6/2022/710 2)

Comprehensive IT solution for cable TV with Business Process Re - Engineering - Approval of recommendations

Date: 2023-04-13


Establishing of Letter of Credit against Jhabua Power Limited (Bid 2) with contracted capacity of 100MW

Date: 2023-04-13

203/2023 (CSC/AE1/Review -Electrical Accidents/FB/2022-23)

Safety Activities and Safety Awareness Programme conducted and review of Electical Accidents occurred from October 2022 to January 2023 - Enquiry by Chief Vigilance Officer

Date: 2023-04-13

201/2023 (EBPS. 17/GL/117/2023)

Reconstruction of Service Book in respect of Sri.Chandran.P.R (EC:1054980) Rtd, formerly Oveseer, Generation Sub Division, Moolamattom

Date: 2023-04-13

196/2023(CE/SCM/XC/AE3/PSC Poles/8m/2021-22)

Manufacture and Supply of 8m/200kg PSC poles for the Electrical Circles under Southern, Central, Northern and North Malabar Regions for a period of 2 years - P.O. issued

Date: 2023-04-13


Sabarigiri HEP- Unit 2 -Design,Supply,Dismantling, Supervision of Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Stator rewinding and stator Core re-varnishing

Date: 2023-04-12

192/2023(DGC/AEE I/TENDER/GCC/2022)

Review and refinement of General Conditions of Contract applied to Civil Procurement-Adoption of CPWD General Conditions of Contract

Date: 2023-04-11


Power evacuation from Thottiyar HEP by constructing 400 meter 220kV DC line as LILO from Lower Periyar- Madakkathara feeder - Re-tender invited - Tender excess

Date: 2023-04-11


Execution of Civil Works of Pazhassi Sagar SHEP 7.5MW (3X2.5MW)-25.16MU-Contract with M/s R.S Development and Constructions India (P) Ltd, Erode

Date: 2023-04-10


Management of power deficit - Inviting short term tender through DEEP portal as per MoP guidelines, for meeting the power deficit during peak hours of May 2023

Date: 2023-04-10


Managing power crisis during peak hours of May 2023 - floating tender in DEEP portal on 20.02.2023 - Outcome of bid - Recommendation of the Standing Committee

Date: 2023-04-10

183/2023(DGE/G3/Neriyamangalam WG repl.)

Replacement of Wicket Gate cup seal of Neriamangalam Machines - Sanction for availing spares and services through the OEM, M/s. Andritz Hydro

Date: 2023-04-05


Execution of Electro and Hydro mechanical works of Poringalkuthu (1x24 MW) SHEP - Time extension for the Period of the Contract

Date: 2023-04-05


Request for HT connection to M/s.Leprosy Sanatorium, Nooranadu, under Electrical Section, Charummoodu, Electrical Circle, Haripad

Date: 2023-04-05

179/2023 (SOR/AMU 8/HTB 20/1985/2022-23)

M/s. Usha Polymers Pvt. Ltd. (defunct) (LCN 20/1985), Muttom, Thodupuzha - Withdrawal of demand from books of account

Date: 2023-04-04

178/2023(CE(SCM)/XH-AE1/2022-23/11kV XLPE UG Cable/Gupta)

Supply of 11kV,3x300 sq.mm XLPE UG cable by M/s. Gupta Power infrastructure Limited - Delivery extension granted - Price refixation done in Additional order clarified

Date: 2023-04-04

177/2023 (IT/Proj/RDSS/Smart Meter/2022-23)

Revamped Distriibution Sector Scheme (RDSS) – lmplementation of Prepaid Smart meter in KSEBL - Fresh tender to be invited

Date: 2023-04-01


Execution of Balance Civil & Hydro Mechanical Works of Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project- Contract with M/s. P&R INFRA Projects Ltd. & M/s. Shri Saravana Industries Pvt Ltd.

Date: 2023-03-31

170/2023(DGC/AEEV/PES-Balance works/2018)

Pallivasal Extension Scheme (2x30 MW) - Balance Civil Works of Tunnel, Surge Shaft, Pressure Shaft, Penstock, Power House and Allied Works

Date: 2023-03-31

175/2023 (SCM/XM/Tech Committee Distn/2022-23)

Reconstitution of 'Technical Specification and Evaluation Committee for Distribution items'

Date: 2023-03-31


Execution of rectification/replacement of penstocks, butterfly valves, gate valves and allied works of Sengulam HEP - Time extension

Date: 2023-03-31

164/2023(ITCU/Life Certificate/2022-23)

Implementation of Jeevan Praman - Life certificate for KSEBL Pensioners

Date: 2023-03-31


Execution of Balance Civil and Hydro Mechanical Works of Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project (40 MW/ 99 Mu) - Contract with M/s PRIL-SSIPL Consortium

Date: 2023-03-31
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