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Board Orders


Settlement of current charge arrears of M/s Gopika Dairy Farm(LCN 19/3577) under OTS Scheme 2023

Date: 2023-11-13


Settlement of current charge arrears of M/s Two in One Storage Extrusions, 2/286D Okkal, Perumbavoor, (LCN 15/7301) under OTS Scheme 2023

Date: 2023-11-13


Establishment - Compassionate Employment Scheme - Appointment of dependents of KSEBL employees who die-in-harness - Select List for 07/2023 - Approved

Date: 2023-11-10


Appointment of EPC contractor for design as per site conditions, erection, testing & commissioning of Grid Tied Ground Mounted Solar PV Power plants at Brahmapuram, Kanjikode and Agali

Date: 2023-11-09

471/2023(DGC/AEE IV/Dam Safety/Desiltation/2023)

Desiltation of Reservoirs of KSEBL - Standard Operating procedure for the reservoirs of KSEBL- Modified in line with the SOP published by Government of Kerala

Date: 2023-11-08

468/2023(SCM/XT/AEE1/123/2022-23/Fdr & Tfr C&R Panels)

Bid for the supply of 33 kV Feeder and 33/11 kV Transformer Control & Relay Panels

Date: 2023-11-04

467/2023(Fin2(B)/SBI/e- Trade facility/2023-24)

E-Trade facility for opening LCs/ BGs on-line – Resolution – Sanctioned – Orders issued

Date: 2023-11-01


Guideline in KSEBL to ensure strict adherence to Green Building Protocol - Granting in principle approval

Date: 2023-10-30


Implementation of Olikkal SHEP (5MW/10.26Mu) - Existing road from Punnakkal to Olikkal -Complaint of local people for repairing the damaged road

Date: 2023-10-25


Supply of one set of 11kV Isolated Phase Bus Duct (IPBD) and one set of 11kV Segregated Phase Bus Duct (SPBD) for 40 (1x10+1x30) MW Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project

Date: 2023-10-25


Supply, Laying, Testing and Commissioning of 220kV, 800 sq.mm XLPE, Under Ground cable for power evacuation

Date: 2023-10-25


Execution of RMU works of Kuttiyadi (3x25MW) HEP awarded to M/s. BHEL - Request for Time Extension for the period of contract

Date: 2023-10-21


E &M works of Peruvannamuzhi SHEP (2x3 MW) - Request for Time Extension of the contract up to 30.08.2023

Date: 2023-10-20


Critical Information Infrastructure - Protected systems of SLDC notified - Formation of Information Security Steering Committee (ISSC)

Date: 2023-10-20


Purchase of various ratings of Power Transformers – PO’s issued to M/s.TELK Ltd – Request for delivery period extension allowing price variation - Sanction accorded – Orders issued

Date: 2023-10-20


SAMAST project - Accounting procedure for the installation and testing of ABT meters procured

Date: 2023-10-19

454/2023(DGE/G3/Jaljeevan mission-Ponmudi)

Jaljeevan mission - Rajakkad Baison Valley Rajakumari Senapathy Panchayat drinking water supply scheme

Date: 2023-10-19


Shifting of LT 3 ph line for statutory clearance in favour of Sri.Murugan, S/o Karuppan under Electrical Section, Velanthavalam - 803/Ord/M(Ele)/2021

Date: 2023-10-18


Disciplinary proceedings against Sri. Rafi.S.M., Assistant Executive Engineer, Electrical Sub Division, Veliyam - Re-examination petition against the order of the Chairman & Managing Director

Date: 2023-10-18

445/2023 (FA/AA/Accounts 2022-23)

Statement of accounts of Kerala State Electricity Board Limited as on 31.03.2023 -Confirmation & approval

Date: 2023-10-16


Construction of Pugalur - Thrissur HVDC transmission line - Compensation to be given for Line Corridor as per the Special compensation package - Remitting the share of KSEBL

Date: 2023-10-16


Construction of 20km of 220/110kV MC/DC Line from 220kV Substation Kattakkada to 220kV GIS Vizhinjam through Balaramapuram and 220kV VISL Substations

Date: 2023-10-16


Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project (40MW) - Execution of Balance Civil and Hydro Mechanical works of Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project (40 MW/ 99 MU) - Contract with M/s PRIL - SSIPL Consortium

Date: 2023-10-16

446/2023(PC/SCM/PSC poles/8m-140kg/2023)

Manufacture and supply of 8m/140kg PSC poles - Special Leave Petition No.6908-6909/2022 filed by M/s. Sivasakthi Engineering and Fabricators (P) Ltd.

Date: 2023-10-16

443/2023 (DIRDIT/AE5/2023/RENAMING)

Renaming of 'Electrical Section Ayroor' under Electrical Circle Pathanamthitta as 'Electrical section Ayirur Kathakali Gramam'

Date: 2023-10-13

444/2023(DGC/AEEII/Pumped storage/2022)

Development of Hydro Projects & Pumped Back Storage Schemes – Further course of action

Date: 2023-10-13


Authorizing and empowering the Chief Engineer (Transmission South), Thiruvananthapuram to represent KSEBL before the Hon'ble High Court of Orissa at Cuttack

Date: 2023-10-11

440/2023(DGC/AEE I/PERVNMZY/General/2022)

Execution of Civil works of Peruvannamuzhi SHEP (6MW, 24.70Mu) - Contract with M/s.TVPPL -KSK-SSEV-Consortium - Request for Time extension up to 15.08.2023

Date: 2023-10-07


Disciplinary action initiated against Sri. P R Mohanakumar (Emp code 1043060 & PPO No 41344) - Conviction in criminal case - Judgement dated 19.11.2022

Date: 2023-10-07


Requirement of 2Nos. 25MVA,110/33kV Three Phase Transformers against Purchase Plan 2023-24 - Placing PO for of 2Nos. 25MVA,110/33kV Three Phase Transformers (50%) as additional quantity

Date: 2023-10-07


"Karuthalum Kaithangum" - Thaluk Thala Adalath conducted by Government - Conessions - Ratified

Date: 2023-10-05


Implementation of Upper Kallar Small Hydro Electric Project (2 MW/5.14 MU) Contract with M/s Power Mech - Pentaflo - Hydro Magus - SEW Consortium - Time Extension

Date: 2023-10-04


Extension of AMC period for existing SCADA/EMS Systems at SLDC Kerala

Date: 2023-10-03

431/2023(CE/SCM/XC/AE3/PSC poles/8mtr/2021-22)

Manufacture and Supply of 8m/200kg PSC poles for the Electrical Circles under Southern, Central, Northern and North Malabar Regions for a period of 2 years

Date: 2023-10-03


One Time Settlement Scheme (OTS-2023) - Directions to field offices

Date: 2023-09-26
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