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Board Orders

320/2022 (SCM/SS/121/2016-17/TELK/200MVA)

Supply of 2 Nos. 200 MVA, 220kV/110 kV, 3 Phase Auto Transformers - Price variation on the extended delivery period without imposing penalty

Date: 2022-04-16

310/2022/CE(REES) Floating solar/2022-23

Implementation of Floating Solar plants in 8 reservoirs of KSEBL and 2 reservoirs of KWA- for conducting bathymetric survey works at Banasurasagar reservoir

Date: 2022-04-13

313/2022(DIRDIT AE1/2022/2083)

Service connection to the premises owned by Travancore Devaswom Board under Electrical Section Puthenchantha - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-13

318/2022 (Estt.I/2393/2021)

Establishment - Extension of Special Disability Leave in respect of Sri. Dileepkumar.K, Electricity Worker, Electrical Section, Thiruvali - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-13


Poringalkuthu Small Hydro Electric Project (1x24MW) - Execution of Electro & Hydro mechanical works - Requirement of O & M staff - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-13


Request of M/s. Infopark Kochi for imparting training to the Operators & Shift Assistants of Infopark Substation - Sanction accorded - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-13

314/2022 (D(T&SO)/T7/Land transfer/2021-22)

Transfer of land at 110 kV Substation, Payyannur to Distribution wing for constructing new building for Electrical Section Office, Vellur - Sanction accorded - orders issued

Date: 2022-04-13


Execution of Peruvannamuzhi SHEP - Dismantling of cofferdam at intake area - Lowering of water level in Peruvannamuzhi reservoir - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-13


Phase 1 deposit works in favour of M/s KMRL for providing power supply at 110kV level and 33kV level to Kochi Metro under Transmission Circle, Kalamassery

Date: 2022-04-13

306/2022(DGE/G3/Peechi-Valve replacement)

Peechi SHEP - Replacement of damaged intake valve on deposit work basis by KSEBL -Sanction accorded - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-12

304/2022(CE IT/ RITU/EoDB/21-22)

Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) & steps for minimizing compliance burden - Formation of Internal Committee - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-11

303/2022(DGE/G1/SHEP/Unit 6/2022-23)

Shutdown of Unit 6 Machine at Sabarigiri Hydro Electric Power Project due to incident of fault and associated insulation damage

Date: 2022-04-11

302/2022(CSEC- SS1/2022/55)

Leadership training to Senior Management of KSEBL - proposal from IIM, Kozhikode -approved - Oreders issued

Date: 2022-04-11


Posting of Assistant Executive Engineer at Regional IT Unit, Kochi - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-11

300/2022 (PS1 (B)/Trade Unions/Strike/2022)

Strike conducted by a number of Trade Unions of KSEBL on 28.03.2022 & 29.03.2022 in connection with the Nationwide strike called for

Date: 2022-04-11


Annual rent to be remitted for laying cables in the land owned by NHAI - directions -Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-11


Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) - Approval of M/s. RECPDCL as PIA (Project Implementation Agency) for Phase I of Prepaid Smart meter implementation

Date: 2022-04-11

295/2022 (D (D&IT)/D6-AE3)/Ease of Doing Business/2018-19)

Special scheme for regularising connected load - extending the scheme period till 31st May 2022 - Sanctioned- Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-08


Execution of E&M works of Bhoothathankettu (3X8MW) Small Hydro Electric Project-Import of 3rd foreign consignment from China

Date: 2022-04-07

292/2022(D(T&SO)/CUG Transgrid/21-22)

TransGrid 2.0 projects - Allotting CUG SIM cards to Assistant Executive Engineers and Assistant Engineer (Electrical & Civil) of various TransGrid offices

Date: 2022-04-07

291/2022(DGE/G3/General-cost index)

Renovation of roof top of 14 Nos. of quarters under Generation Division Poringalkuthu -Adoption of cost Index-39.89% - ratification - Sanction accorded - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-07

285/2022 (SCM/XM/Vendor Registration/2022-23)

Request For Vendor Registration Phase-II (RFVR-II) - Empanelment of Vendors - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-06


Implementation of prototype of model proposed by Sri. Suneendran.T, Nedumangad for plastic waste removal from flowing water for SHEPs intake

Date: 2022-04-06


Kallada HEP - Awarding of Good Service entry to the employees participated in putting back Unit 2, 7.5 MW machine into service on war footing basis - Sanctioned

Date: 2022-04-06


Erection of Supplied Electro Hydro Mechanical Equipment and Supply & Erection of BOP Equipment for Pallivasal Extension Scheme Hydroelectric Project

Date: 2022-04-06

290/2022(LF II/LD I/4483/2014)

Com. Suit No. 176/2021 (Erstwhile OS No. 81/2014) on the file of the Hon'ble Commercial Court, Thiruvananthapuram

Date: 2022-04-06

289/ 2022(CE(C&T)/CML-EEI-AEEVI/NTPC-Kayamkulam/2021-22)

RGCCPP, Kayamkulam-Injecting power from 92MW floating solar power plant- Sanctioned -Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-06


DRIP - Improvement of basic facilities under Kuttiady Augmentation Scheme (Part II) - Metalling and chipping carpet of replacement road No.II and protective works

Date: 2022-04-06

283/2022(DGC/AEEII/Dam Safety/5/2022)

Kakkad HEP - Rectification of damaged concrete and steel liner in the transition area downstream of surge shaft and allied works inside tunnel

Date: 2022-04-06

282/2022(DGC/AEE V/Qtrs-Gen/2015)

Upkeep and maintenance of IB and Kolumban House at Vazhathope - Engaging cook cum caretaker, Assistant caretaker and sweeper - Modification of Board Order

Date: 2022-04-06

280/2022(D(D&IT) /D4/2021-22/0012)

LT to HT conversion of KWA Pump House at Kalikadavu under Electrical Section, Cherplassery - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-05


PSDF scheme - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of various Testing Equipment at various power stations of Kerala State Electricity Board Limited

Date: 2022-04-05

276/2022 (CS/GL/2022)

Hiring of e-vehicles for personal use by the Officers of KSEBL - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-04

278 /2022(KSEB/SCM/XM/AEEVR/2021-22/Purchase Plan22-23)

Procurement of Distribution Materials for the Financial Year 2022-23-Approval for Provisional Purchase Plan-Sanctioned-Orders Issued

Date: 2022-04-04

279/2022(CE/SCM/XC/AE/PSC Poles/short tender/2021-22)

Manufacture and supply of 8m PSC Poles with working load 200kg to various Electrical Circles of KSEBL under Southern, Central, Northern and North Malabar regions

Date: 2022-04-04

275/2022 (CP/Plg.2/Dharmadom/2022-23)

Modernisation of distribution infrastructure - Pilot Model electrification project at Dharmadom LA Constituency - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-04


Kuttiadi Augmentation - Complaint of Smt. Ammini Joy - Purchase of 20 cents of land for the construction of new access road

Date: 2022-04-04


Relaxation in Performance Guarantee for the execution of Public Works - Adoption of Government Order - Sanction accorded - Orders issued

Date: 2022-04-04

271/2022 D (REES, Soura,Sports &Welfare)/GL/2022-23)

Re-allocation of functional duties of the Chief Engineer (REES) & Chief Safety Commissioner -Sanctioned - orders issued

Date: 2022-04-02


HT service connection to KWA water treatment plant at Valiyakunnu and RAW water pump house at Arattukunnu under Electrical Section Avanavanchery

Date: 2022-04-02
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